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Three best Brandon Drury trade destinations before the 2022 trade deadline

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A Brandon Drury trade seems more imminent by the day. He’s been one of the few bright spots in one of the worst teams in Major League Baseball, not to mention his contract is set to expire at the end of the season.

Also, it’s not a secret that all Cincinnati Reds trade deadline targets are either still in high school/college or in a farm system.

The Reds don’t want to compete right now. They went through a major fire sale in the offseason and just a handful of good players managed to stay put. Now, Brandon Drury‘s stats in 2022 have shown that he’s outgrown the team already and is ready for a bigger challenge.

While primary a third baseman, Brandon Drury has shown defensive versatility this season by playing all over the infield. He’s also one of the best hitters available at 2022 MLB deadline, so expect the phones to blow up in Ohio inquiring about his services.

Brandon Drury trade

There’s no doubt that multiple teams could benefit from a Brandon Drury trade. But who would be willing to offer the most for him? As good as he’s been, the fact that he’d be on a rental until the end of the season makes a big return unlikely.


But, then again, Drury should still gauge enough interest in the trade market to cause a bit of a bidding war. He’s not exactly young at 29 years old, yet boasts the kind of skill set that often appeals to World Series contenders. Here, we discuss three teams that might make a run at him.


Dave Roberts has always had a thing for players who can cover multiple positions in the infield, and Brandon Drury sure fits that mold. Moreover, the Los Angeles Dodgers’ offense hasn’t been nearly as good as projected before the start of the season, so they could always look to add more firepower.

Drury could be a breath of fresh air for a fatigued Dodgers team that just played 20 games in as many nights.

Throughout the season, he’s slashed .276/.334/.536 with 18 home runs while also playing serviceable defense and giving the Reds a Swiss Army knife kind of player all over the infield.


The San Francisco Giants have been one of the most disappointing teams in the Majors this season, yet we know better than to count them out already.


They’re one of the teams you never want to meet come playoff time, and there’s still plenty of baseball to be played this season.

The Giants have serious durability concerns with Tommy La Stella and Evan Longoria both missing big chunks of the season with multiple injuries. Drury would give them a solid insurance policy at a reasonable price. And, just like with the Dodgers, his versatility could be quite welcome in the Bay Area.


The Seattle Mariners are all set at third base with Eugenio Suarez, so this could be a bit of a stretch. But considering how short the market for capable second baseman is right now, their reported interest in Drury should come as no surprise at all. They have Adam Frazier as a lefty but could still use a right-handed hitter there.

The universal DH spot also helps make a case for Drury. The Mariners haven’t gotten that much production out of their DH this season, and he’d sure be an offensive upgrade over Frazier, who’s hitting just .221 for the season.

The Mariners have an up-and-coming, promising squad and are in contention for a Wild Card spot, so they should look to add more talent.

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