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Analyzing the 10 teams with a shot at landing Carlos Correa in 2022-23 free agency

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This offseason, we’ll have Carlos Correa free agency, the sequel.

For those who need Correa’s MLB free agency explained, he signed a three-year, $105 million deal with the Twins last offseason, only to opt out of that deal this winter, returning to the open market for the second straight offseason. Now we have to make Correa’s free-agent contract predictions all over again.

Carlos Correa free agency 2022-23

But where will Carlos Correa’s free agency take him this year?

There’s been little to no Carlos Correa offseason news thus far, so the possibilities are rather endless. Let’s try to narrow down the possibilities a little bit by taking a closer look at some of the most likely destinations for Carlos Correa in free agency. 


The Twins convinced Correa to sign with them last offseason, so perhaps they can do it again. All other things being equal, Minnesota may not be able to compete with other teams with regard to giving Correa the most financial compensation.


But Correa seems to like Minnesota and chose the Twins last winter not solely for financial reasons.

It’s also possible they give him another contract that includes an opt-out for next offseason when Correa wouldn’t have to compete with Trea Turner, Dansby Swanson, and Xander Bogaerts as the top shortstop available. Of course, with Royce Lewis making his MLB debut this past season, the Twins perhaps won’t pursue Correa that much.


Even with Nico Hoerner in the mix, the Cubs are surely going to assess their options at shortstop this offseason.

Whether they view Correa as their top choice or not, Chicago is likely to make a strong push for one of the top-notch shortstops available this winter. Of course, even if the Cubs are successful, that’s only a 25% chance they’ll end up with Correa.


As good as Correa is, he might not be the top-choice shortstop for Los Angeles. The Dodgers might prefer to retain Trea Turner or consider Dansby Swanson or Xander Bogaerts.


However, Correa is the second youngest of that group and he comes with a lot of postseason experience from his days in Houston. That could make Correa the preferred option for the Dodgers, who are rarely outbid when it comes to a free agent they want.


After not seriously pursuing Correa as a free agent that much last offseason, it’ll be interesting to see how the Yankees view him this year.

There should be no question that the Yankees will be in the market for a shortstop. Obviously, re-signing Aaron Judge will be their top priority, but if they can take care of that, upgrading at shortstop could be next. That should lead them to at least consider Correa, although it remains to be seen if he’s their preferred choice at shortstop.


The Phillies are another team that’s likely going to pursue free-agent shortstops aggressively. They don’t want to get stuck looking at the best players available via trade at that position.

That being said, Philadelphia is more familiar with Trea Turner and Dansby Swanson from playing against them for many years. That doesn’t mean they’ll shun any pursuit of Correa. But it could mean Correa isn’t necessarily their first choice.


With Brandon Crawford approaching the end of his career, it’s time for the Giants to start thinking about his replacement.

Correa would surely check all of San Francisco’s boxes when it comes to the team’s shortstop of the future. The question is will they ask Crawford to slide over to second base to make room for a player like Correa? The Giants could also choose to spend their money on other positions and hold off on a shortstop until they know Crawford is done in San Francisco.

Red Sox

Don’t be surprised if the Red Sox are one of the more aggressive teams when it comes to Correa. Boston’s preference might be to re-sign Xander Bogaerts, but if that doesn’t happen, Correa is likely to be their next choice.

Unless the Red Sox want to sell off some pieces and start to rebuild, they have to make a big splash this winter. If retaining Bogaerts doesn’t happen, look for them to pivot quickly and focus on Correa.


If the Braves think youngster Vaughn Grissom can handle playing shortstop in the majors every day, they may not need to replace Dansby Swanson. But if Atlanta doesn’t want to take that chance, Correa could be their Plan B if Swanson isn’t re-signed.

Swanson is actually younger and might come cheaper than Correa, which could make Swanson the club’s top preference. However, if that doesn’t happen, Correa will be on their radar.


St. Louis has to at least consider the possibility of moving on from Paul DeJong this offseason. He’s had three subpar seasons in a row, and while the Cards have some talented and versatile infielders, there’s no bonafide shortstop on their roster.

Of course, the Cardinals could decide to stick with DeJong while waiting for prospect Masyn Winn to develop in another year or two. But if St. Louis wants a proven shortstop for 2023, the Cardinals could become a serious contender to pursue Correa.


The Orioles are surely a sleeper at best when it comes to Correa. However, they proved in 2022 that they’re getting close to being a genuine playoff contender.

But if they’re ready to spend some serious money, a player like Correa could help put them over the top. Jorge Mateo didn’t exactly solidify the starting job in Baltimore last season, so shortstop remains one position where the Orioles may not have an internal solution.

That could make Correa the ideal option for the Orioles, but only if they’re ready to get serious about spending money and trying to compete in the AL East.

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