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Which teams make the most sense for Carlos Correa in free agency?

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Most pundits will agree that Carlos Correa’s free agency is one of the most intriguing storylines of the MLB offseason.

Some MLB offseason predictions are already showing a connection between Carlos Correa and the Yankees. After all, he’s the biggest fish on the market and the Yankees are usually one of the biggest spenders.

Carlos Correa free agency fits

However, nothing is certain when it comes to the shortstop. There are countless teams that would love to sign him, which is why it’s worth examining some of Correa’s free agent fits in hopes of narrowing down where he’s going to end up.

The obvious caveat with Correa is that a lot of teams will want him but not many teams will be able to afford him. It’s possible that Correa will sign a long-term deal worth $300 million or more, which could limit the pool of serious contenders for his services. That being said, here are some of the teams that could end up signing Correa this winter.


There are already rumblings about the Tigers and Correa being connected.


It looks like Detroit is ready to compete again, and perhaps more importantly, the Tigers are ready to spend again.

There is no clearcut answer at shortstop for the Tigers right now, so it makes sense for them to pursue the shortstops on the market. If they’re willing to open up the checkbook, which they’ve already done by signing Eduardo Rodriguez, Correa could be persuaded to move to Detroit.


There has been a lot of speculation that Didi Gregorius might not be Philadelphia’s shortstop next season despite having one year left on his contract.

The team wasn’t happy with his performance last year, which could inspire the Phillies to be players in the shortstop market this winter. Whether they could afford to pay Correa on top of already paying Bryce Harper a massive contract is another issue. But if the Phillies are looking at shortstops, money doesn’t seem to be a huge concern, which makes Correa a possibility.


Speaking of money not being a concern, the Yankees are surely going to be a factor in the Correa sweepstakes.


New York has to be ready to move on from Gleyber Torres as the team’s shortstop, so the Yankees appear destined to sign one of the shortstops on the market this offseason. Correa would be one of the few players that would be worth a contract of great length and a lot of money, and if they wanted to, the Yankees could outbid just about any team in baseball if they are set on pursuing Correa.


The Dodgers are another team with money that isn’t afraid to spend it.

While Los Angeles could put Trea Turner at shortstop in 2022 or sign him to an extension and make him the long-term solution, the Dodgers will surely explore their options.

Winning the World Series in 2020 wasn’t enough for them, so if the Dodgers think that Correa improves their chances to win another championship in the near future, they won’t hesitate to offer him the kind of money that will entice him to come to Los Angeles.

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