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MLB end-of-season injury update

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A Major League Baseball season consists of 162 games spread over six months and has the most extended regular season among major professional sports. Hence, it is often called a marathon. MLB has 30 teams, and the active roster for a game merely consists of 25 players, and that number could even go up to 26.

With that said, a vast number of players can’t avoid getting hurt and incur injuries as the season is on its run. Keeping a keen eye on MLB injury updates and sportsbooks, such as FanDuel, provides updated odds vital in handicapping the MLB sporting match.

Reading the MLB Injury Reports

Not all teams can be seen on the injury report since some have been lucky to dodge the injury bug. However, most clubs are recorded throughout the season. Inside each team, players are recorded by first and last names before their position. The date tells when a player became inactive, but the injury reports are continually changing from time to time.

The injury and comment section is typically expressed with clinical details, and even though we’re not all specialists, savvy fans following MLB can roughly estimate the player’s nonappearance.

If a player has a genuine physical issue that will constrain them to miss a long measure of games, the team will put the player on the Disabled List, mostly called the DL, on the MLB Injury Report. When a player is put on the DL, the team is permitted to fill that dynamic list spot with another player.


Here are the updates on the latest injury reports of players across the MLB:

Arizona Diamondbacks


Player Name Position Date Injury Status
Taylor Guilbeau RP October 23 shoulder day to day
Guilbeau suffered a season-ending shoulder strain. It’s still unclear whether the shoulder issue will be a significant factor for him heading into spring training.

Atlanta Braves

Player Name Position Date Injury Status
Mike Soroka SP October 20 Achilles tendon 60 Day IL
Soroka suffered a torn right Achilles tendon and is said to miss the rest of the season. But he is expected to be ready when spring training begins.
Adam Duvall LF October 13 Left oblique day to day
Duvall’s current season is over after straining his left oblique. Furthermore, he has been removed from the Brave’s NLCS roster.

Houston Astros

Player Name Position Date Injury Status
Josh James RP October 15 Back day to day
James was placed on the injury list after suffering a back injury during a game, confirmed by Astros manager Dusty Baker. He did not mention James’ availability for the rest of the season.
Yordan Alvarez DH October 14 Knees 60 Day IL
Alvarez will miss the remainder of the season after a right knee injury, which requires surgery. He is set to be ready as the spring training begins.

Los Angeles Angels

Player Name Position Date Injury Status
Max Stassi C October 14 Hip day to day
Stassi recently went through a medical procedure to fix a torn labrum in his left hip. He may still not be ready for the start of the season in 2021.

Milwaukee Brewers

Player Name Position Date Injury Status
Caden Lemons SP October 19 Hip day to day
Lemons is almost fully recovered from recent surgeries on both hips and seems ready to go for spring training.

Minnesota Twins

Player Name Position Date Injury Status
Jorge Polanco SS October 12 Right Ankle day to day
Polanco went through a medical procedure to eliminate a mild bone spur and a bone chip on his right ankle. He will be in therapy in a week, needing to be prepared by spring training.

New York Yankees

Player Name Position Date Injury Status
Luke Voit 1B October 14 foot day to day
Voit suffered injuries that plagued him all round the season and have been seen limping for weeks due to a recent foot injury.
Luis Severino SP October 14 ulnarcollateral ligament 60 Day IL
Severino underwent a Tommy John surgery and will miss the entire season even before it began.

Philadelphia Phillies

Player Name Position Date Injury Status
Zak Wheeler SP October 21 Right middle fingernail day to day
Wheeler recently underwent a successful right middle fingernail resection due to a ripped middle fingernail on his right hand. He is expected to come back during the spring training in February.

San Diego Padres

Player Name Position Date Injury Status
Matt Strahm RP October 22 knee day to day
Strahm is scheduled to undergo surgery to repair a tendon in his right knee but is expected to be ready for spring training following the surgery.

San Francisco Giants

Player Name Position Date Injury Status
Heliot Ramos CF October 18 oblique day to day
Ramos suffered an oblique injury during the instructional league play. Given his age and timing, the injury should not impact his comeback into the 2021 season.

Seattle Mariners

Player Name Position Date Injury Status
Gerson Bautista RP October 23 elbow day to day
Bautista has a right elbow injury and is expected to fully recover for the beginning of spring training in 2021.


Injuries are significant factors that every fan and expert needs to watch out for. Not only would it affect the run of the game, but it can also put the player’s life and career at risk. Hence, to know whether the team you’re rooting for can win, you must stay updated with every player’s injury reports.

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