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Five Under-the-Radar All-Star Candidates in 2024

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In all likelihood, most of the MLB all-star candidates in 2024 will be familiar names. Of the more than 75 all-stars last year, most had been there before.

After all, there are at least a few pitchers who are among the greatest starting pitchers ever who are virtual locks for the All-Star Team, not to mention position players who appear to be automatic selections year after year.

MLB All-Star Candidates You May Not Know

However, there are always surprises among all-stars. Keep in mind that every team must be represented by at least one player.

That will help put some unexpected names on this year’s All-Star Teams. Who are the potential all-stars this season that fans may not be expecting? Let’s take a look at some of our favorite under-the-radar MLB all-star candidates in 2024.

Christian Yelich

It’s obviously unusual to think of a former as someone who’s under the radar. However, Christian Yelich hasn’t been an all-star since 2019, one year after winning MVP. Since then, he’s struggled with a variety of injuries that have hindered his production.


But in 2024, Yelich has turned back the clock five-plus years. He’s batting over .300 with an OPS that’s well over .900. Yelich is once again the key figure in Milwaukee’s lineup, helping the Brewers ascend to the top spot in the NL Central. Surprisingly, Yelich isn’t that far from being an MVP candidate once again and will surely be an all-star this year.

Ranger Suarez

In a rotation that features Aaron Nola and Zack Wheeler, it’s sometimes hard to remember that anybody else exists. That’s perhaps why Ranger Suarez has flown under the radar.

But fans need to take note because he’s not only out-pitching Nola and Wheeler but he’s out-performing just about every other starter in baseball as well. Across his 10 starts, he’s 9-0 with a 1.36 ERA. That puts the lefty second in the league in ERA, not to mention first in WHIP. Naturally, the Phillies have won every game that he’s pitched. At this point, Suarez might go from being overlooked on his own team to being the National League’s starting pitcher at the Midsummer Classic.

CJ Abrams

It’s not easy for a young shortstop to stake a claim among the best in the game. But CJ Abrams is doing just that in 2024.

He’s still easy to overlook because he plays for a losing team. However, Abrams is surely among the breakout players in 2024. He’s proving himself to be a five-tool player, showcasing power and speed to go along with great defense. If not for Mookie Betts being head and shoulders better than everyone – and suddenly being an everyday shortstop – Abrams would be in the conversation for best shortstop in the National League right now.


Seth Lugo

It’s still crazy to think that a few years ago Seth Lugo couldn’t even convince the Mets to make him a starter. Now he’s the leader of one of the best starting rotations in baseball. The Royals have some promising young arms, but Lugo is still the ace of the staff with an ERA under 2.00 and a WHIP under 1.00.

As the season goes along, people will have to start paying more attention to the Royals, in part because of Lugo, who should finally make an all-star team for the first time at age 34.

Josh Naylor

The first-place Guardians are another team that’s turned some heads this year with Josh Naylor being a big reason why. For what it’s worth, his OPS in 2024 is nearly identical to what it was last year. However, Naylor is hitting for a lot more power.

He’s always had plenty of raw power, but the 26-year-old is finally showing it consistently. At the moment, Naylor is on pace for around 40 homers, which would double his current career high. He’s also on pace to drive in more than 100 runs, which is astonishing for a player who has consistently flown under the radar for the past five seasons.

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