Franchise Sports Talk Baseball: Episode Five

AT&T Park
"Giants" by Photographing Travis is licensed under CC BY

Joe and Sam cover Mike Moustakas re-signing with the Brewers, Aaron Nola‘s extension and the impact of long-term contracts.

Moustakas returned to Miller Park after turning down a mutual option earlier this offseason. The former Kansas City Royal penned a one-year contract with the National League Central winners to play third base this season, forcing Travis Shaw back to second. Nola agreed to stay with the Phillies beyond his arbitration years with a team option meaning he will not be a free agent until he’s in his thirties.

The prospect of Bryce Harper or Manny Machado signing a contract is no closer. It doesn’t stop the discussion of long-term contracts, though. Harper and Machado are still free agents with Spring Training games beginning this week.

Episode Five was delayed a few days, but Episode Six will be back this week and there’s the potential for an emergency episode or two if Machado and Harper actually sign…

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