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As the owner and chairman of the New York Yankees, it’s only natural for fans to be curious about Hal Steinbrenner’s net worth.

After all, he is one of the richest owners in MLB, a team that has routinely signed players to some of the largest contracts in MLB history. So what is Hal Steinbrenner’s net worth and what else should people know about him?

Who is Hal Steinbrenner?

Obviously, Hal Steinbrenner is the son of the late George Steinbrenner, who owned the Yankees from 1973 until he passed away in 2010.

Prior to his father’s death, Hal and his brother Hank started to take on more of the day-to-day duties of running the Yankees. But more than a decade after taking over the Yankees, has Hal Steinbrenner’s net worth changed? More importantly, what else should we know about him?

How much is Hal Steinbrenner worth?

As of 2023, Hal Steinbrenner’s net worth is roughly $3.8 billion.


A significant chunk of that money was inherited from his father, who was worth over $1 billion when he passed away in 2009. Hal has added to his net worth over the years while serving as chairman and managing partner of Yankee Global Enterprises, which is the LLC that owns the Yankees, the YES Network, and several other entities that help to put money into the pockets of Hal Steinbrenner.

How much are the Yankees worth?

While most of Hal Steinbrenner’s net worth comes from owning the Yankees, as a franchise, the Yankees are worth roughly $7.1 billion, as of 2023.

That value is up 18% from what the Yankees were valued at in 2022. More importantly, that $7.1 billion valuation makes the Yankees the most valuable MLB franchise, a few billion dollars ahead of the Dodgers, Red Sox, Cubs, and others. If Steinbrenner ever wanted to sell the Yankees, the asking price would likely be in the neighborhood of $7 billion.

Will Hal Steinbrenner ever sell the Yankees?

Despite speculation to the contrary, it appears that Hal Steinbrenner has no intention of selling the Yankees anytime soon.

There have been reports that the team could be available for purchase given its value and how much Steinbrenner could stand to profit from selling the Yankees. However, Steinbrenner has made it clear that the Yankees are not for sale and that he hopes the franchise remains the property of his family for a long time.


Is Hal Steinbrenner the richest MLB owner?

Despite the Yankees being the most valuable franchise in baseball, Hal Steinbrenner is not the richest MLB owner.

As of 2023, his net worth of $3.8 billion puts him in a tie for the eighth richest MLB owner with Jim Pohlad of the Twins and the Ilitch Family, which owns the Tigers. In fact, Steinbrenner’s net worth is roughly one-quarter of the net worth of Steve Cohen, who owns the Mets and is currently the richest owner in baseball with a net worth of around $16 billion.

How old is Hal Steinbrenner?

As of 2023, Hal Steinbrenner’s age is 53.

He was born in December 1969 in Culver, Indiana. He grew up in Indiana before attending Williams College in Massachusetts and later getting his MBA from the University of Florida in Gainesville. At the time his father passed away and Hal took over full control of the Yankees, he was 41.

How much did Hal Steinbrenner spend to buy the Yankees?

As mentioned, Hal Steinbrenner inherited control of the Yankees when his father George passed away in 2010.

Prior to that, Hal began to take on more duties related to running the team, so there was a smooth transition from his father to him. Therefore, Hal didn’t pay anything to acquire the Yankees. In 1973, George Steinbrenner purchased the Yankees at a cost of $10.3 million, which is a small fraction of what the franchise is worth today.

How have the Yankees fared with Hal Steinbrenner as the owner?

As of 2023, the Yankees have not won a championship since Hal Steinbrenner took over full ownership of the team in 2010 after his father passed away.

In fairness, the Yankees have made the playoffs in almost every season under Steinbrenner’s tenure as owner. However, they’ve not played in the World Series since winning the Fall Classic in 2009.

Nevertheless, Yankee players have shown their support for him. Upon signing a nine-year deal to stay with the Yankees after the 2022 season, Aaron Judge said of Hal Steinbrenner: “He wants to win, just like his dad. What the Steinbrenner family has built here and done here with the Yankees is something special. I think he wants to continue to build on that legacy.”

What other sports teams does Hal Steinbrenner own?

The Yankees are not the only team that Hal Steinbrenner owns as the chairman of Yankee Global Enterprises.

The corporate entity also owns 20% of New York City Football Club, an MLS franchise that also plays its home games at Yankee Stadium. Steinbrenner and Yankee Global Enterprises also own a 10% stake in Italian soccer club AC Milan.

Does Hal Steinbrenner have a family?

Growing up, Hal Steinbrenner had two sisters, Jessica and Jennifer, and an older brother Hank, who passed away in 2020. Before Hank passed away in 2020, the two brothers ran the Yankees organization together with Hal taking over full control of day-to-day responsibilities after his brother died.

Hal Steinbrenner also has a daughter named Katherine from his marriage with his ex-wife Christina Lavery. Katherine was born in 1998 with Steinbrenner and Lavery getting divorced in 2007. Steinbrenner has since married Cristina DiTullio.

What are Hal Steinbrenner’s hobbies?

Outside of baseball, Steinbrenner’s biggest interest is airplanes, specifically flying them.

Steinbrenner has been a pilot for many years, initially taking an interest in planes so that he could travel on his own schedule to get to business meetings. However, he took a liking to aviation and got his pilot’s license. Steinbrenner even owns a Cessna high-wing plane and a GTO single-engine plane.

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