How to watch MLB in the UK in 2021

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British baseball fans have a variety of options to watch MLB. Photo from Road To VR.

Spring Training is coming to a close and we are just days from Opening Day of the 2021 MLB regular season. One of the best things about baseball is that when it’s in season there’s games every single day and you can watch it near enough all night if you want to. There are games across all time zones and with 162 of them per team, you will never run out of entertainment. But, you ask, how do I watch MLB in the UK?

Well, there are a couple of ways.

BT Sport

BT Sport has a deal which makes them the lone outside owners of rights to broadcast MLB in the UK. The games are usually shown on BT Sport ESPN. BT Sport is available to add onto existing TV packages, or you can purchase their ‘Monthly Pass’ which is £25 per month.

BT Sport broadcast the primetime games which is a great start and means that you will get some of the more star-studded matchups on your TV. There will also be a handful of other games each week to watch and BT Sport will also facilitate watching on their mobile app as well as desktop or laptops.

However, if you are one of either: a huge baseball fan; or a fan of one specific baseball team, the best way to go is is the MLB’s official package (think NFL Game Pass) and allows you to stream every single ‘out-of-market’ game of baseball live.

The good news is, as you live in the UK, you don’t have a regional blackout for your favourite team, which means you can basically watch any game you want at all times. is $24.99 a month [£18], which means if you’re just looking for baseball it’s actually cheaper than BT (who obviously also offer football, UFC, rugby etc). The best deal is even cheaper than that, though.

If you buy the full-season package, it costs $129.99 [$94] for the entire year. This means you are paying just £13.43 per month for access to every single game of the regular and postseason.

There is one more option, which is to buy just a single-team package, which allows you to select your favourite team, but it costs literally $20 less than the full package so I would recommend that absolutely nobody should ever do that. also has some more advanced features that aren’t possible anywhere else, including: Multi-View, where you can customise your viewing experience and watch multiple games at once; Full Game Archives; Pitch by Pitch Tracking; and more unique features.

To conclude, if you enjoy sport a lot, BT Sport is really good and not crazily expensive. However, if you’re just looking for baseball and just need to know how to watch MLB in the UK this season,’s full package is the best bang for your buck by far.

Also, as one final tip, you can use a free trial for if you haven’t ever had it, and that will allow you to inform your decision on whether you want to commit and buy it.

If you would like to buy an subscription, you can do so here.

If you want to look at the BT Sport Monthly Pass, you can do so here.

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