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Which teams make most sense as a trade destination for Jose Berrios?

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One of the most interesting names to watch ahead of the 2021 MLB trade deadline is Twins’ starting pitcher Jose Berrios. With the Twins having such a terrible year, there are tons of Twins trade rumors out there speculating on what Minnesota will do at the deadline. Naturally, there have been plenty of Jose Berrios trade rumors given the potential demand for a frontline starter on the trade market.

Of course, a Berrios trade isn’t a sure thing by any stretch of the imagination. He still has another year of team control, so he wouldn’t be just a rental for a team that trades for him. That also means the price to acquire him would be quite high. That being said, the Jose Berrios trade rumors are swirling with the 27-year-old rocking a 3.69 ERA in 2021.

Jose Berrios trade rumors

The number of Twins’ trade rumors seems to be increasing by the day. They have already sent Nelson Cruz to the Rays with Cruz unlikely to be the only player Minnesota trades before the deadline. With the Twins, the question is whether they will only trade away players who will be free agents or if they will listen to offers for every player on the roster. 

A Berrios trade would mean that Minnesota would essentially be punting on 2022 and entering a full-scale rebuild. But that’s not impossible if a team is willing to blow them away with an offer for their ace. Thus, the Jose Berrios trade rumors keep swirling. If the Twins end up pulling the trigger on a trade for Berrios, here are three possible trade destinations for him.

Blue Jays

Scoring runs isn’t a problem for Toronto, but the Jays need to get better pitching if they’re going to make a serious playoff push. Berrios would be a great addition to the Toronto rotation, which is a little too heavy on lefties with Hyun Jin Ryu, Robbie Ray, and Steven Matz.


Ideally, the Blue Jays would improve their bullpen at the deadline. However, Berrios is a frontline starter who can go deep into games, which will take a little pressure off the bullpen. Plus, with Toronto’s young core of position players, the Jays will be set up to compete next year as well, so bringing in Berrios for the next year and a half makes a lot of sense.

Red Sox

Boston is hoping to get Chris Sale back at some point, but relying on him to be their ace down the stretch fresh off of Tommy John may not be the best plan.

To be fair, the Red Sox have a solid rotation. But no team is going to fear their rotation in the postseason. That’s why they need an ace like Berrios to step in and lead the way. Otherwise, the Red Sox will lean too much on their dynamic offense to carry them in October.


The Yankees need to make a bold move at the deadline and everybody knows it.


Corey Kluber and Jameson Taillon haven’t worked out as expected, and so the Yanks need another frontline starter to complement Gerrit Cole.

A Berrios trade isn’t the only thing the Yankees need to do before the deadline. But it’s hard to imagine New York stringing together enough wins to reach the postseason without a serious upgrade to the starting rotation. 

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