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Fans of the San Francisco Giants may not more about the team’s president and CEO than Larry Baer’s net worth. However, there is more to Baer than being one of the Giants’ minority owners who helps to run the team under majority owner Charles Johnson, who is one of the richest MLB owners. After all, Baer has a family, an interesting personal history, and a life outside of baseball just like everybody else.

Who is Larry Baer?

But who is the owner of the Giants beyond his baseball life? Larry Baer’s net worth only scratches the surface of who he is and the role he’s played with the Giants over the years. Let’s get to know him a little better.

What is Larry Baer’s net worth?

Oddly enough, Larry Baer’s net worth is a matter of debate. It’s widely believed that Baer is worth around $1 billion.

However, there are unconfirmed reports that his net worth could be as much as $6 billion. As a part owner of the team, a huge chunk of his wealth comes from his ownership stake. However, since he also serves as the president and CEO of the franchise, Baer reportedly earns a salary of $5 million every year for performing that job.

How old is Larry Baer?

There is considerably less debate regarding Larry Baer’s age than his net worth. Baer is a San Francisco native who was born in 1957, so he turned 66 years old in April 2023. 


Bay Area born and bred

Larry Baer was born and raised in San Francisco and has spent most of his life in Northern California. Growing up, he was a huge fan of the Giants and often went to games at Candlestick Park. He attended Lowell High School in San Francisco and then got his undergraduate degree from Cal-Berkeley, majoring in political science. 

While in college, Baer worked for KALX, which is the student-run radio station at Cal-Berkeley. As the business manager and sports director for the station, he negotiated a deal with the Oakland Athletics to make KALX the official radio station for the A’s during the team’s first 16 games and also worked as a play-by-play announcer.

Despite spending his college years associated with the Athletics, Baer was hired by the Giants as their marketing director after graduating from college. However, Baer would eventually leave the Giants and the Bay Area to attend Harvard Business School. He ended up earning his MBA from Harvard in 1985 but would eventually work his way back to the Bay Area.

Staying in San Francisco

During the early 90s, there were rumblings that the Giants could leave San Francisco and move to Tampa. However, with his love for the Giants and the Bay Area, Baer led the charge to make sure that didn’t happen. In 1992, Baer teamed up with Charles Johnson and others to form a new ownership group that took control of the team and made sure they didn’t leave San Francisco.

Since that time, Baer has been an integral part of the franchise.


He first led the effort to build a new stadium for the Giants with the ballpark now known as Oracle Park opening in 2000. Over the years, he has held several titles for the club, including Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer before succeeding Bill Neukom as the president and CEO in 2012.

Is Larry Baer a morning person?

Baer is the walking definition of a morning person. Even in his 60s, he sticks to a regimented schedule every morning that includes waking up at 6 AM and working out. He then reads three newspapers to keep up with current events, all before eating breakfast and going to work.

Even on the weekends, Baer will often get up early to take his dog for an early-morning walk. He will often play a round of golf on Saturday mornings. However, Baer says that he prefers to dedicate his Sundays to his family.

Is Larry Baer a family man?

Despite a little bit of bad publicity in this department in 2019, Baer is very much a family man. He and his wife Pam got married in 1990 and are still happily married more than 30 years later.

The couple has raised three kids, sons Joshua, Jonathan, and Zachary, and a daughter Alana. When Zachary was young, he cut himself after falling through a sliding glass door and needed to be rushed to the hospital. Fortunately, he made a full recovery, although Baer still thinks of it as one of the worst days of his life.

Does Larry Baer give back to his community?

Larry Baer and his wife are both heavily involved in the San Francisco community and local charitable causes. In the aftermath of his son’s accident and hospitalization, Baer and his wife created a foundation called Hearts of San Francisco that helps to raise money for trauma centers throughout San Francisco. 

Larry and Pam also run a business called For Goodness Sake that operates as both a boutique and an e-commerce business. The business sells goods made by artisans from the Bay Area as well as anything crafted with recyclable and sustainable materials. Also, 25% of the proceeds that For Goodness Sake makes are donated to charity. 

Is Larry Baer Religious?

Baer has long taken his Jewish faith seriously. He and his wife are still members of the same congregation in San Francisco where he had his bar mitzvah.

In fact, Baer used some of the money he got from his bar mitzvah to buy tickets to see the Giants play at Candlestick Park. More recently, Baer served as a member of the United State Holocaust Memorial Council during Barack Obama’s presidency.

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