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MLB All-Star voting explained

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While the MLB All-Star Game is a fan favorite, it’s amazing how many fans need MLB All-Star voting explained. After all, there are many stipulations and several steps in the all-star voting process, so it’s easy to see how things can get a little confusing.

MLB All Star voting explained

That’s why we wanted to go over the MLB All-Star voting rules so that you understand the process. With all of your questions answered, you’ll be able to go out and vote for the players you want to see in this year’s All-Star Game.

How does MLB All Star voting work?

For fans, there are two phases of the all-star voting process. For the first phase, each team selects one player at each position to be nominated, including three outfielders, to be on the official all-star ballot. Fans can then submit their ballot by selecting one player at each position and three outfielders. Of course, fans are able to vote a maximum of five times in a 24-hour period. At the end of Phase 1, the three players at each position with the most votes (nine for outfielders) advance to Phase 2.

Phase 2 of the voting process includes only three options at each position or nine for the outfield. The second phase is also shorter than the first phase and fans are only allowed to submit a single ballot.

It’s also worth noting that votes from Phase 1 won’t carry over into the next phase. When Phase 2 voting is over, the top vote-getter at each position (top three in the outfield) are named the All-Star Game starters in their respective league. Once the starters have been decided, the reserves for the game are selected by player ballots and the Commissioner’s Office with fans playing no further role in the process after Phase 2.


In past years, fans voted for the final player added to each roster, but this is no longer part of the All-Star voting process.

How do you vote for the All-Star Game?

There are several ways that fans can vote on the starters for the MLB All-Star Game. For starters, the website of all 30 teams and MLB’s website will have links to all-star voting once it starts.

Fans can also vote using the MLB Ballpark app.

Doing a Google search for MLB All-Star Vote, MLB Vote, or the name of a player can also help direct fans to the voting platform. As mentioned, fans can vote up to five times a day during Phase 1 but only have one ballot during Phase 2.

Do fans vote pitchers into the All-Star Game?

Unfortunately, fans have no influence over the pitchers in the MLB All-Star Game, even the starting pitchers from each league.


Fan voting only applies to the nine starting positions on each league’s team, which includes the DH but not the pitcher.

Just like all of the position player reserves, the pitchers for the All-Star Game are chosen by a combination of players voting and the Commissioner’s Office. 

Does every team get an MLB All-Star?

Yes, the tradition of all 30 MLB teams having at least one representative in the All-Star Game continues. There must be at least one player from every team on each league’s all-star roster.

This is part of the reason why the Commissioner’s Office plays a role in selecting the last few players on the roster. This and other stipulations about the creation of All-Star Game rosters are monitored by the Commissioner’s Office, which helps to ensure that all 30 teams are represented during the Mid-Summer Classic.

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