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With the stretch run of the baseball season just around the corner, now is the time to look at MLB division odds in 2022. Late August or early September can actually be a good time to look at MLB division betting and bet on MLB division futures. We have a lot of information about each team, so predicting how teams will perform down the stretch can sometimes be easier. 

MLB Division odds 2022

That’s why we wanted to look closer at MLB playoff odds, specifically MLB Division odds for 2022.

To be fair, some divisions are all but decided at this point. But MLB division futures are still a trendy bet this time of year, so let’s go over the odds to win MLB divisions for each division now that the stretch run is upon us.

AL East

The Yankees have long since run away with this division and have some of the shortest MLB division odds in 2022 at -3000. However, the Yankees haven’t been particularly good since the all-star break, and throughout the month of August, the Bronx Bombers saw their once commanding lead atop the division dwindle to single digits.

Team Odds To Win AL East
Yankees -3000
Blue Jays +2200
Rays +6000
Orioles +29000
Red Sox +1000000

Odds taken August 26 at FanDuel Sportsbook


There’s enough time left in the season for the Rays and Blue Jays to consider themselves within striking distance of first place. Obviously, both teams are more focused on trying to secure a Wild Card spot in such a competitive division.

But both Toronto and Tampa Bay still have a chance to make some noise. Oddsmakers give the Blue Jays and their potent lineup a better chance to catch the Yankees with a +2200 moneyline to win the AL East. Meanwhile, the small-market Rays are considered more of a long shot at +10000, although they heated up during the second half of August and aren’t out of the division race just yet.

AL Central

The AL Central is easily the most fascinating race when talking about MLB division futures.

Team Odds To Win AL Central
Guardians -190
White Sox +310
Twins +470

Odds taken August 26 at FanDuel Sportsbook

The Twins have held onto a small lead atop the division for much of the season, only to see things turn south in August, allowing the Guardians to take hold of first place.


In fact, Cleveland has been hot for most of August despite not doing anything meaningful at the trade deadline. The Guardians now look like they could be starting to pull away and create some distance between themselves and both the Twins and White Sox. The odds are reflecting that with Cleveland’s moneyline at -190 to win the AL Central.

However, this is still a race far from decided. With the talent on their roster, the White Sox playoff chances are far from dead even though Chicago has struggled to string more than a couple of wins together all season.

Oddsmakers list the White Sox at +310 to win the AL Central, which are decent odds for a team that was favored by most to win this division before the season. The Twins, meanwhile, are listed at +470, which actually gives them a lot of value for a team that could still make a late push.

AL West

There isn’t much to talk about in the AL West, as the Astros have owned this division from Day 1. They have some of the shortest MLB division odds in 2022 at -30000. For what it’s worth, the Astros seem to have taken their foot off the gas a little bit.

But Houston’s double-digit lead atop the division hasn’t wavered much. In fairness, oddsmakers are still giving the Mariners a chance to catch them with +8500 odds. However, while Seattle looks poised to earn a Wild Card spot, it would take a massive collapse by Houston for the Mariners to overtake the Astros in the AL West.

NL East

Things are just getting interesting in the NL East. The Mets have held a lead atop the division for most of the season and continue to be the favorites at -410. However, they once held a double-digit lead over the reigning world champion Braves, who have not gone away.

Team Odds To Win NL East
Mets -410
Braves +320
Phillies +21000

Odds taken August 26 at FanDuel Sportsbook

Atlanta has been red-hot throughout much of August, staying within striking distance of first place. The Phillies are also being given a fighting chance with a moneyline of +28000 to win the division. But despite a strong showing in August, it’s unlikely that Philly will be able to overtake both the Mets and Braves.

This is destined to be a two-horse race between the Mets and Braves. Fittingly, they are set to meet for a three-game series in Atlanta during the final weekend of the season. While each team will have three games left after that series ends, those three games could end up deciding the NL East because it doesn’t look like either team is willing to give much ground in a race that could also determine the second bye in the NL playoffs.

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NL Central

Not long ago, the NL Central looked like a race that could go down to the wire between the Cardinals and the Brewers. But August has turned into a disastrous month for the Brewers and St. Louis has been able to take advantage.

In a few short weeks, the Cardinals have gone from trailing Milwaukee to building a somewhat comfortable cushion atop the division. The Brewers are even trailing in the Wild Card race, so if they don’t get back on track quickly, St. Louis will run away with this division in September and the Brew Crew could be left out of the playoffs altogether.

NL West

Oddsmakers have all but called this race for the Dodgers. One year after an epic race between the Giants and Dodgers in which San Francisco won the division crown by a single game, the NL West race is a joke.

The first-place Dodgers own the best record in baseball while the second-place Padres are struggling just to stay within 20 games of Los Angeles. The Dodgers have become a virtual lock to earn the top seed in the NL playoffs while San Diego is the only other team in the NL West in the playoff race.

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