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10 bold predictions for the 2022 MLB Draft

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Even if the MLB Draft isn’t the most compelling draft in pro sports, it still never hurts to make some MLB Draft predictions in 2022.

But just because most casual fans need the MLB Draft order explained or the giving of compensation picks explained doesn’t mean there isn’t drama or huge surprises.

Just think back to the 2021 draft when the 10th overall pick didn’t even sign with the team that drafted him.

MLB Draft predictions 2022

There could be even more surprises this year than in previous MLB Drafts. After all, nobody knows where the top MLB Draft prospects in 2022 will land during the draft or what team will end up with the best MLB draft class this year.

To be fair, we don’t know the exact answers to those questions either. But we’d like to try to answer them with some bold MLB Draft predictions for 2022.


No pitchers drafted in the top 10

On the surface, this seems like one of the more outrageous MLB Draft predictions for 2022. But when you take a closer look at this class, it’s not that outrageous to think that a pitcher won’t be selected within the top-10 picks.

Surprisingly, it’s almost a given that the first five picks will pass without a pitcher being selected. After that, it could still take a little while.

Dylan Lesko was likely to be a top-10 pick, as he was undoubtedly the best high school pitcher available. But after undergoing Tommy John surgery earlier this spring, it’s a mystery where he’s going to end up. He’s no longer a lock to be picked in the top-10, which means there is a good chance that no pitcher ends up being among the top-10 selections.

Blade Tidwell is first pitcher selected

As mentioned, there is some question about where Lesko will land after having Tommy John surgery. That could open the door for Tidwell to be the first pitcher selected, albeit doing so outside of the top-10.

Despite some early struggles with Tennessee this season, he’s come on strong. In terms of measurables, he checks all of the boxes. That should be more than enough to push him past Lesko as the first pitcher selected in 2022.


Mets select pitchers with both first-round picks

Where will Tidwell end up? It’s likely going to be with the Mets, who select no. 11 overall.

The Mets got that pick after failing to sign the 10th overall pick Kumar Rocker last year. The club will want another college pitcher who can move fast through the system, leading them to take Tidwell.

Plus, a pitcher named Blade is going to do wonders in the New York market. The Mets will pick again at no. 14 overall and will likely take a pitcher again. They are severely lacking in top pitching prospects, so taking pitchers with both of their first-round picks is a great way to restock the farm system.

Two catchers selected in top 10

While we’ve mentioned that no pitchers could be selected in the top-10, teams aren’t ignoring the battery completely. In fact, we could get two catchers inside the top-10 this year.

Georgia Tech’s Kevin Parada is close to a lock for the top-10 and will be the first catcher selected. But don’t forget about Arizona’s Daniel Susac.

He has all of the intangibles to be a great catcher and is also an excellent hitter. While he’s arguably a borderline top-10 prospect, all of the teams picking in the back half of the top-10 should give him some consideration.

Kumar Rocker is drafted in first round

One of the toughest MLB Draft predictions in 2022 will be where Rocker ends up. As mentioned, the Mets took him no. 10 overall last year but didn’t sign him after they didn’t like the medical report on him.

Obviously, that’s a little bit of a red flag that will cause teams to be careful with him. However, given his upside and the lack of high-end pitching in this year’s class, there is still an excellent chance he will be a first-round selection for the second straight year.

We won’t be so bold as to say that the Mets will try to draft him again, although doing so with the 14th overall pick is far from impossible. Even if the Mets pass on him, somebody is bound to take a chance on Rocker before the first round ends.

Rays draft Carl Crawford’s Son, Justin

There are a few sons of former MLB players available in this year’s draft, but one feel-good story to watch is Carl Crawford’s son Justin.

Crawford spent his best seasons in Tampa, and now the Rays have a chance to draft his son. While Justin is committed to Vanderbilt and could be tough to sign, he might like the idea of following in his dad’s footsteps. Plus, the younger Crawford might have more speed and better pure tools than his dad, so he’s not a stretch for the Rays to draft 29th overall.

The Orioles don’t take Druw Jones No. 1 overall

It’s close to a consensus that Jones is the top prospect in this year’s draft. Keep in mind that he’s the son of longtime Atlanta center fielder Andruw Jones, who is arguably the best defensive center fielder in MLB history, so the younger Jones certainly has the genes and lineage of a big-time player.

However, that doesn’t mean the Orioles are going to take him first overall. If you haven’t noticed, Baltimore is a little closer to being a competitive team than most people realize. That could push the Orioles away from a high school player like Jones and more toward a college player who will develop quicker and get to the big leagues faster to further their rebuilding effort.

Diamondbacks draft Druw Jones second overall

The Orioles have a tough decision between taking Jones and a more developed college player, but the Diamondbacks won’t have any such conundrum when drafting second overall. Arizona is a little further away from being able to compete, so the D’Backs will be all about grabbing the player with the most talent and highest upside.

If Baltimore passes on Jones and he’s waiting for them at no. 2, the D’Backs will show no hesitation.

Orioles pick Brooks Lee first overall

If the Orioles don’t take Jones first overall, who will they take?

The answer could be Cal Poly shortstop Brooks Lee, which could be one of the most shocking MLB Draft predictions in 2022. While Baltimore has shortstop prospects in Gunnar Henderson and Jordan Westburg, Lee offers a little more of a ceiling, not to mention someone who could move quickly through the minors, potentially making an impact sooner rather than later in their rebuilding effort.

Keep in mind that the Orioles have a few building blocks for the future but are still a little short on standout infielders, which is why Lee makes sense for them. He might not be everybody’s favorite as the top overall pick, but he best fits what Baltimore needs right now.

Brooks Lee is the only college player taken in the top 5

After the Orioles take Lee, it’s going to be all about high school players, at least for the rest of the top-5 picks. As mentioned, Jones will likely go no. 2 overall, which isn’t exactly one of the boldest MLB draft predictions for 2022. But after Jones, high school players like Jackson Holliday, Termarr Johnson, and Elijah Green are the best prospects available.

Look for those players to be selected in the 3-5 spot, although not necessarily in that order. The likes of Kevin Parada, Gavin Cross, and Jace Jung will get some consideration. But talent-wise, they don’t quite measure up to Holliday, Johnson, and Green, which will make Lee the top pick but the only college player in the top-5.

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