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MLB, Passyunk Avenue look to recreate ballpark experience with Home Run House

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Major League Baseball and Passyunk Avenue have teamed up to bring an interactive, activity-led baseball experience to Westfield, London. Home Run House is semi-permanent, and will be open for 12 months.

This follows on from the success of London Yards last year and the growing interest in MLB after the inaugural MLB London games between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox.

The London games return in 2020, but Home Run House is a way for Major League Baseball to engage with British fans all-year round.

Global experience agency Imagination have worked with MLB on previous projects, including London Yards and MLB Battlegrounds. Imagination were involved again in the development of Home Run House, as they attempt to recreate the ballpark experience. Visitors have the chance to play, watch and immerse themselves in the baseball experience.

The four custom-designed batting cages allow users to pick any of the 30 ballparks and simulate games. Who doesn’t want to launch a homer into McCovey Cove or clear the Green Monster?


Five jumbo screens are available to watch MLB action or keep an eye on your friends as they take centre stage in the batting cages. There’s an array of ballpark food on offer too, including hot dogs that British fans devoured at the London games in 2019.

Merchandise isn’t always easy to hold of on this side of the Atlantic Ocean. That changes with Home Run House. Operated by New Era, there’s a fully licensed shop which is the first in Europe to offer hats and apparel from all 30 MLB teams.

Charlie Hill, vice president of international strategy at MLB, said, “We wanted to create a venue where our fans could both learn more about the game and have a fun day out in a way that replicates the experience of visiting the ballpark.”

Founder of Passyunk Avenue, JP Teti, added, “We’re excited to be collaborating with MLB and Budweiser to make this concept a reality because our brand is all about telling authentic American stories that provide a glimpse into unique aspects of American culture and we believe there is a great American story to tell here.”

MLB fandom is growing in the UK. Home Run House is an important attempt from Major League Baseball to keep those fans engaged beyond the games at the London Stadium.


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