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Ranking the eight remaining teams in the MLB playoffs

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The MLB postseason is here, which only means one thing: It’s time for the MLB Playoff power rankings 2021. The MLB playoff picture is finally set, and 8 teams look to prove that they’re true World Series contenders.

MLB Playoff Power Rankings 2021

As we all know by now, the regular season simply doesn’t matter anymore. If you get hot at the right time, you can put together a run and win the Commissioner’s Trophy, just like the Washington Nationals did a couple of years ago.

So, if you’re looking to make some MLB picks and place wagers on future bets, look no further.

Check out Franchise Sports’ ultimate MLB Playoff Power Rankings for the 2021 postseason:

8. Red Sox

The MLB playoff picture pretty much went through the American League East, with as many as 4 teams having a shot to make the postseason. At the end of the day, the Boston Red Sox were able to prevail.


But, not to be pessimistic, it seems like their journey ends right now. They’ve been the most inconsistent team among all who made the playoffs and are far from a legit World Series contender with that bullpen. Even if J.D. Martínez is healthy and Xander Bogaerts gets hot, that might not be enough.

7. Brewers

Even before the start of the season, people were talking about how on Earth were the Milwaukee Brewers were going to score runs.

Fast-forward to October, and that question remains unanswered. Even so, they didn’t have any trouble winning their division. That’s a testament to how good their pitching has been.

That starting rotation is made for the playoffs and their rivals will have a tough time scoring runs against them. Sadly, their poor offense takes them out of the “World Series contender” list until further notice.

6. Braves

Most people ruled out the Atlanta Braves when Ronald Acuña Jr was hurt for the season, especially considering Marcell Ozuna was also on administrative leave. That, combined with Max Fried‘s early-season struggles, were huge concerns for the Braves.


Atlanta made the most of the Philadelphia Phillies and New York Mets meltdowns and got hot when it mattered the most. Now, they enter the postseason as one of the toughest teams to beat when they’re on a good day.

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5. White Sox

The Chicago White Sox won the American League Central division for the first time in 13 years but they’re still far from satisfied. This team would’ve been ranked way higher if it wasn’t for two factors: Health, and being matched up with their nemesis.

The Houston Astros have completely owned the White Sox as of late, so they may not be in for the long run. Then again, Tony LaRussa is one of the most experienced managers in the world, so maybe he can work his magic.

4. Rays

Once again, the Tampa Bay Rays were the undisputed best team in the American League East. Regardless of who was on the mound, they were two steps above their competition and found ways to put up runs on the scoreboard.

Apparently, Kevin Cash could turn every single person into a heavy-throwing pitcher that could go for 4 scoreless frames. That kind of solid pitching, combined with Randy Arozarena and Nelson Cruz raking baseballs, make them a big threat.

3. Astros

The Houston Astros are the team everybody loves to hate. But even after their infamous cheating scandal, they’ve proved that they didn’t need to steal signs to be one of the clear-cut World Series contenders all along.

Not many people make their MLB picks out of emotion but that just doesn’t apply to the Astros.

This team can get hot in the blink of an eye and is tailor-made for the postseason. Even without Justin Verlander and with a shaky Zack Greinke, they’re not the team you want to meet come playoff time.

2. Giants

The San Francisco Giants won the most games in all of baseball this year, setting a franchise record with 107 wins. Notably, not many people thought of them as a playoff squad and thought they’d be Wild Card hopefuls at best.

The Giants have one of the best pitching staffs in the league and arguably the best bullpen in all of baseball.

What they lack in star power they have in good coaching and timely hitting. You don’t win 107 games in MLB out of pure chance or luck.

1. Dodgers

And, of course, we can’t leave the reigning World Series champions out of the top spot. Not only do they come off winning a franchise-record 106 games but they also have the best pitching squad in the Majors.

Also, if they make the World Series it means that they got past the top-seeded San Francisco Giants, so who’s gonna stop them?

The Dodgers have an overpowered offense and dominant pitching, they already know what it’s like to win at the biggest stage, and are the best team left in the postseason.

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