There are plenty of things that Padres fans care about other than owner Peter Seidler’s net worth. But other than him being the Padres owner and one of the richest MLB owners, what exactly do we know about Seidler? As the team’s biggest stakeholder as of 2020, fans might be interested in getting to know him beyond Peter Seidler’s net worth.

Who is Peter Seidler?

The one thing we know about Seidler is that he’s helped to usher in a new era for the Padres. Rather than being a small-market team that doesn’t spend money, in recent years, the Padres have become one of the biggest players in the free-agent market, signing several players to long-term, nine-figure deals.

But let’s go a little beyond the baseball diamond and get to know Seidler, who is the person behind San Diego’s financial transformation.

What is Peter Seidler’s net worth?

Early in 2023, Peter Seidler’s net worth was estimated at around $3.5 billion. That figure puts him on the cusp of being one of the 10 richest MLB owners.

In addition to being the majority owner and chairman of the Padres, Seidler is also the founder and owner of Seidler Equity Partners, which is how he made the money that allowed him to become the owner of the Padres and invest in the team’s roster in hopes of building a team that can win the World Series.


How old is Peter Seidler?

Peter Seidler’s age is a little surprising because he looks younger than he is. Seidler was born in 1960, so he turned 63 in 2023. But based on pictures, he could still pass for someone in his mid-50s.

Where did Peter Seidler go to college?

Despite owning a baseball team in Southern California, Seidler has roots on the East Coast. He attended the University of Virginia for his undergrad degree in finance. Seidler then got his MBA from the University of California, so he hasn’t spent his entire life in Southern California. 

Starting small

Today, Seidler Equity Partners is a great success that has helped Seidler to earn billions. But when he founded the company, it was nothing more than a small family equity firm.

Seidler was able to build it from the ground up and expand its operations. That small firm now operates in both the US and Australia and has assets that surpass $3 billion. 

When did Peter Seidler buy the Padres?

In 2012, Seidler teamed up with Ron Fowler and his cousins Kevin and Brian O’Malley to form the O’Malley Group.


Together, they purchased the Padres from former owner John Moores for a price of $800 million. However, that only made Seidler a minority owner of the franchise. In November 2020, Seidler changed that by purchasing Fowler’s share of the team, making him the majority owner and chairman of the Padres. 

Does Peter Seidler have any famous family members?

In a way, Seidler was always destined to own an MLB franchise. At least he’s not the first person in his family to do so. Seidler is actually the grandson of Walter O’Malley, who is the former owner of the Dodgers.

O’Malley bought the Dodgers in 1958 when they were located in Brooklyn and famously moved the franchise to Los Angeles. When Walter passed away, Peter O’Malley, who is Seidler’s uncle, took over control of the Dodgers. He owned the team and served as president of the Dodgers until 1998. In that sense, it’s a little unusual for Seidler and his cousins to have purchased the Padres, who are a division rival of the Dodgers.

Is Peter Seidler a family man?

In addition to his family lineage, Peter Seidler has a family of his own. He has been married to his wife Sheel Seidler since 2008. Sheel has a law degree as well as an undergraduate degree in rhetoric and writing composition.

However, she currently works as a yoga instructor after founding a yoga school called Kundalini with Sheel. The couple have three children, two daughters and a son. Also, Peter has hired his brother Tom Seidler to serve as the Senior Vice President of the Padres.

Peter Seidler is a cancer survivor

Something that everyone should know about Seidler is that he’s a two-time cancer survivor. While he doesn’t like to speak publicly about his bout with the disease, Seidler has twice been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and fought his way into remission both times.

What does Peter Seidler do outside of baseball and business?

When he’s not running his equity firm or taking care of the Padres, Seidler is a philanthropist and an active member of the San Diego community. In 2017, he joined other business and political leaders from San Diego in forming the Tuesday Group, which aims to address the city’s homeless population. In 2019, Seidler joined a leadership council on San Diego’s Homelessness Reduction Plan to further help the homeless and vulnerable population of San Diego.

Naturally, as a cancer survivor, Seidler’s philanthropic work is also focused on the healthcare industry. Seidler is a founding member and donor of the Stand Up to Cancer Legacy Endowment Circle. He’s also helped to support charities like the American Cancer Society and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Seidler also sits on the board of the Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute, which is a nonprofit medical research organization.

How badly does Peter Seidler want the Padres to win a World Series

As the majority owner of the Padres, Seidler has made it clear that he wants to make the Padres a championship winner. As mentioned, San Diego’s spending has sky-rocketed since he started calling the shots, making the Padres one of the biggest spenders in the big leagues.

In response to criticism over the organization taking financial losses, Seidler responded: “We’re here to win a title. That’s what I expect… We believe we have a great chance to go after that trophy and to deliver San Diego its first parade.”

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