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Ranking the 10 Best First Basemen in MLB Ahead of the 2024 Season

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Getting on a list of the top first baseman in 2024 is one of the most exclusive lists in baseball right now. Some of the best first basemen in 2024 are among the biggest stars in baseball right now.

In fact, a few of them have already staked a claim among the greatest first basemen in MLB history. In other words, this position is loaded heading into the upcoming season.

Best MLB First Basemen in 2024

To be honest, ranking the top first basemen in 2024 wasn’t easy. Limiting our list to the 10 best players at that position was equally difficult with some notable names being left off.

Admittedly, these rankings are up for debate. But he is our ranking of the 10 best first basemen in 2024.

10. Nathaniel Lowe

We can’t overlook the role that Nathaniel Lowe played in the Rangers winning the World Series last year with three timely home runs in the postseason. More than that, he’s brought excellent consistency to Texas over the last three seasons.


Lowe isn’t going to showcase elite power compared to other first basemen. But he’s capable of hitting close to .300 and pushing for 20 or more homers, which is enough to earn a spot on our list.

9. Yandy Diaz

There’s no doubt that Yandy Diaz was one of the top hitters in baseball last season. The guy batted .330 with an OPS of .932.

The question is whether the 32-year-old can replicate that success. He showed some signs of breaking out in 2022, so last year wasn’t a huge surprise. However, Diaz is towards the end of his prime and doesn’t have a great track record when it comes to home runs, so we’re giving him a chance despite some reasons to be skeptical. 

8. Triston Casas

The Red Sox have to be thrilled with the season that Triston Casas had last year. In his first extended action, he hit 24 home runs and produced an OPS of .857.

Obviously, the pressure is on to replicate that same success and show some consistency. But we think Casas will be fine and should be among the top 10 first basemen in baseball for many years to come.


7. Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

Some probably think he should be a DH, but Vladimir Guerrero Jr. looks like he’ll be Toronto’s primary option at first base this season. Aside from his defense, the other problem with Guerrero is that he’s coming off the worst offensive season of his career. Of course, he’s barely 25, so there’s no reason to write him off just yet.

There is a decent chance that Guerrero can bounce back in 2024 and end the season much higher on this list than we have him right now.

6. Paul Goldschmidt

At age 36, we’re starting to see a little decline from Paul Goldschmidt. It’s been a couple of years since he won a Gold Glove, but he’s still a top-notch defender and is just two years removed from being MVP.

His numbers, especially his power, dipped a little in 2023. But there’s no reason to think that Goldschmidt shouldn’t be among the second-tier of first basemen in 2024.

5. Christian Walker

Despite helping the D’Backs get to the World Series last year, Christian Walker is among baseball’s most underrated first basemen.

His numbers won’t blow anyone away, but he’s smashed 30-plus homers in back-to-back seasons. Walker has also won the Gold Glove in back-to-back seasons. While he’s probably close to the end of his prime, Walker is much better than he gets credit for.

4. Bryce Harper

It’s official, Bryce Harper is a first baseman. He was moved there largely out of necessity but appears in line to be Philadelphia’s primary first baseman in 2024.

Defensively, he’ll be a step behind the top first basemen in baseball. But now that he’s further removed from the injury that sidelined him in 2022 and the first part of last season, Harper should have no problem being an impact offensive player after batting .293 with an OPS of .900 last year.

3. Pete Alonso

With free agency approaching, Pete Alonso should be set up to have a massive year. It’s not as if Alonso has ever had a bad season since he was the home run king and Rookie of the Year in 2019.

Granted, his .217 average last year was a little disappointing, which hurts his standing a little. However, Alonso has never hit fewer than 37 homers in a full season and is a safe bet to hit 40-plus in 2024. With his defense a little underrated and Alonso poised for a big year before becoming a free agent, he’ll be among the top first basemen this season.

2. Matt Olson

Coming off a season in which he was the home run king, there are big expectations for Matt Olson in 2024.

Remember that he also led the majors in RBIs last season and has two Gold Gloves on his mantle. Olson also had a career-high batting average in 2023. While last year was undoubtedly great for him, perhaps the 30-year-old is simply hitting his prime, so there is no reason to expect a huge drop-off in his productivity this year.

1. Freddie Freeman

He may not be the youngest player at the position, but there is no question that Freddie Freeman is still the best first baseman in MLB right now. He’s coming off a season in which he hit .331 with an OPS of .977, so there is no indication that the 34-year-old is slowing down.

Even Freeman’s power numbers haven’t taken much of a hit. We’re also talking about a former MVP and one of the best defensive first basemen in baseball. Until we see evidence to the contrary, we have to put Freeman at the top of the list of the best first basemen in the big leagues.

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