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Ranking the 10 Best Right Fielders in MLB Ahead of he 2024 Season

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As we’ve seen in past years, many of MLB’s top right fielders in 2024 are also among the best players overall. These are players who can hit for power, hit for average, and can more than hold their own defensively. This is why some of the best right fielders in 2024 will someday be in the conversation as one of the greatest right fielders in MLB history.

Ranking Best MLB Right Fielders in 2024

Of course, that’s a conversation for another day. When it comes to the top right fielders in 2024, who makes the cut?

Equally important, who belongs at the top of the list? While this is still up for debate, we came up with our own list of the 10 best right fielders in 2024.

10. Max Kepler

To be honest, we’re also a little surprised to see Max Kepler round out our list ahead of veterans like George Springer, Nick Castellanos, and Starling Marte. But Kepler has been an underrated player for the Twins for several years while Marte and Springer look like they’re over the hill. Meanwhile, Castellanos is something of a liability defensively.

The German-born Kepler is a more balanced player who’s coming off a great second half in 2023, which is why he gets the nod over some more familiar names.


9. Anthony Santander

Anthony Santander was an important piece of the puzzle for the Orioles last year and continues to be key to Baltimore’s success.

He’s probably not as well-rounded as some of the top-flight right fielders in baseball. But the Orioles sure aren’t complaining about the 61 home runs and 65 doubles he’s hit over the past two seasons.

8. Seiya Suzuki

Two years into his MLB career, everything is going well for Seiya Suzuki. He’s not dominating the competition the same way he did in Japan.

But his .285 average and 57 extra-base hits last season are nothing to scoff at. Suzuki should continue to make strides forward in what will be his third big-league season, as he continues to show that he’s a true five-tool player.

7. Josh Lowe

As a 26-year-old, Josh Lowe is an outfielder who is still on the rise. In a breakout season in 2023, he batted .292 with an OPS of .835. Let’s not overlook his 20 home runs and 32 stolen bases.


If some of his 33 doubles can turn into home runs, the 30-30 club isn’t far off, which is why it’s okay to have high hopes and expectations for Lowe in 2024.

6. Adolis Garcia

With 39 home runs and 107 RBI, Adolis Garcia was a huge part of the Rangers winning the World Series last year. Somewhat overlooked by those great offensive numbers is the fact that Garcia also won the Gold Glove in 2023.

The only caveat is that Garcia didn’t steal as many bases last year as he has in past seasons. His numbers also took a big leap in 2023, so we’ll have to see if he can replicate that success in back-to-back years.

5. Corbin Carroll

After running away with Rookie of the Year honors last year, Corbin Carroll is out to prove that he belongs among the elite right fielders in the game. His speed makes him a difference-maker, as Corbin stole 54 bases last year.

His speed also helped him collect 30 doubles and 10 triples while covering a ton of ground in the outfield. Also, don’t sleep on his 25 homers either. If he can take another step forward, Corbin could have 30-30 potential while also hitting close to .300, which would be enough to put him in exclusive company.

4. Juan Soto

The Yankees are planning to put Juan Soto in right field this season, making this arguably the deepest position in baseball based on how low he is on our list. Based on his upside, Soto has arguably underperformed over the last year and a half.

But don’t forget that he has six full seasons in the majors under his belt but will play the whole 2024 season at age 25. With free agency on the horizon, this could be the year that Soto proves to be the generational talent we thought he would become early in his career.

3. Fernando Tatis Jr.

It’s no secret that Fernando Tatis Jr. underperformed last season, posting a modest OPS of .771. That being said, he deserves the benefit of the doubt based on his skill set and the fact that he missed the entire 2022 season.

At age 25, he’s capable of bouncing back and becoming an elite player. Don’t forget that Tatis won a Gold Glove and a Platinum Glove in 2023. He might be the best defensive right fielders in baseball right now, so if Tatis can start hitting the way he did a couple of years ago, he’ll be among the elite players in the big leagues this year.

2. Kyle Tucker

If you thought Kyle Tucker was good early in his career, he’s getting even better. Tucker earned his first Silver Slugger award in 2023 while leading the American League in RBI. He also won a Gold Glove in 2022 and has been a Second-Team All-MLB selection in three straight seasons.

In other words, Tucker is one of the most well-balanced outfielders in baseball right now. Last season, he came one home run short of hitting 30 homers in three straight seasons and joining the 30-30 club. If he’s at his best, Tucker could be a 30-30 player who also flirts with a .300 average. There simply aren’t a lot of players capable of doing that in the big leagues.

1. Ronald Acuna Jr. 

Forget about just being the best right fielder in MLB right now, Ronald Acuna Jr. might be the best player in baseball heading into 2024. He had a historic season in 2023, becoming the first player to ever hit over 40 homers and steal more than 70 bases in one season.

On top of that, he was the unanimous MVP in the National League and took home plenty of other hardware too. Yet, Acuna will play the entire 2024 season at age 26, so last season may not even be the best he can do. As long as the injuries that have hindered him in the past don’t come back, Acuna will be a force to be reckoned with in 2024 and could end up winning another MVP.

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