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NBA Playoff Finals MVP Betting Guide and Tips

The award for the NBA’s Most Valuable Player of the Finals is so iconic that only the league’s greatest champion, Bill Russell, gets to hand it to the winner each year.

It’s an award that symbolizes being the best of the best and has been won over the years by true legends of the game including Kobe Bryant twice, Shaquille O’Neal three times, LeBron James four times and – amazingly – Michael Jordan on six separate occasions.… Read more

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Houston we have a problem: Turmoil between Paul and the Rockets means it’s time to hit reset button

Midway through the regular season a clip emerged of Houston Rockets guards Chris Paul and James Harden getting into it on the bench during a game. Most people, reasonably, brushed it aside as a heated moment between two elite and driven athletes. However, it has emerged that the relationship status between Paul and Harden has become "unsalvageable".