LeBron James

LeBron James

The Lakers should see what they can get for LeBron before the trade deadline

The Lakers aren’t going to trade LeBron James. It would be an admission of failure this season, and James is one of that small group of players that franchises just do not trade, even if they are going to walk in free agency. Instead, the question is should the Lakers at least consider the possibility? No, they probably won’t even humour it… But, what if they did?

Jimmy Butler, Game 5 NBA Finals

Playoff Butler is a top 10 superstar in the NBA

As Jimmy Butler leaned over the barricade to get some quick ten seconds of rest before he gets to the free throw line again, we immediately realized that the Miami Heat star just emptied the tank. He logged in 47 minutes of play, put up a triple-double, and guarded the best player of the other team.

Jokic and Murray celebrate.

Three things the Nuggets must do to beat the Lakers

The Denver Nuggets are back in the Western Conference Finals, and they will be duking it out against the Los Angeles Lakers, the same foe they faced the last time they reached this stage of the playoffs. Denver completed a stunning turnaround that saw them climb back from a glaring 1-3 hole in the semifinals, …

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Three key storylines when competitive NBA games restart

After four months of no basketball, the NBA is gearing up for the resumption of the 2019-2020 season. With such a long hiatus fans can be forgiven for forgetting the current narratives surrounding the NBA. We have taken a look around the league and selected the three main plots to follow upon its resumption.