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Five players the Tigers must look to trade ahead of the deadline

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The Detroit Tigers trade deadline in 2022 is bound to be a busy one. Of course, that’s because the Tigers are set up to be sellers rather than buyers.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of Tigers trade rumors swirling with Detroit’s roster having some of the best players available at the deadline, especially for teams that need bullpen help.

Tigers trade deadline 2022

But what exactly will the Tigers trade deadline in 2022 look like?

In theory, the Tigers could end up trading more than half a dozen players before the August 2 deadline. But let’s take a closer look at five players who are the most likely to be traded before the deadline.

Michael Fulmer

Michael Fulmer was once Rookie of the Year, although the Tigers have moved him into a bullpen role in the last two seasons after struggling with injuries for a few years. He’s taken well to being a reliever, posting an ERA under 3.00 over the past two seasons, and with free agency approaching this winter, he could be one of Detroit’s best trade chips.


While Fulmer doesn’t have any postseason experience, he’s surely one of the best relief pitchers on the trade market this summer. Any contending team looking for added bullpen depth should be interested in Fulmer, which should allow the Tigers to get a nice return for him.

Gregory Soto

It’s not a guarantee that Gregory Soto will be traded, although he could be someone to watch closely during the Tigers’ trade deadline in 2022. The lefty has put together an impressive season as Detroit’s closer, continuing a trend of improving year after year. Since Soto isn’t a free agent until 2026, the Tigers may hold onto him, believing he can help them once they are ready to become competitive.

However, he could also be one of their most valuable trade chips, so if a team makes an offer the Tigers can’t refuse, Detroit could trade Soto. The Dodgers might be the team to watch with Soto, as they have had trouble toward the back end of their bullpen and have proven in the past that they are willing to pay any price it takes to win a championship.

Robbie Grossman 

This has not been a great season for Robbie Grossman, who had 23 home runs and a .772 OPS in Detroit last year, only to fall flat on his face this year.

With free agency coming this winter, Grossman is barely hitting over .200 and has an OPS under .600, so his value is down. But there’s also no reason why the Tigers shouldn’t be looking for a buyer.


Grossman is surely better than his numbers this year indicate and he can play multiple outfield positions. Small-market teams like the Guardians and Rays could look at him as a cheap trade option with some upside. A team like the Yankees that’s desperate for outfield production could also take a chance on him.

Joe Jimenez

Joe Jimenez doesn’t come with a lot of name recognition, but his numbers out of Detroit’s bullpen this year speak for themselves. He has one of the highest strikeout rates among relievers in the American League and a WHIP under 1.00.

The Puerto Rico native has toiled in Detroit’s bullpen for many years but finally had a breakout season. Much like Fulmer, any contending team that’s looking for bullpen help could trade for Jimenez and hope to strike while the iron is hot.

Andrew Chafin

Andrew Chafin is the classic example of a left-handed reliever who will be wanted at the trade deadline.

The 32-year-old has been traded to a contender at the deadline in each of the last two seasons, so this has become normal for him.

The Tigers have little to gain by keeping Chafin for the rest of the season, especially since virtually every contending team could use another lefty in their bullpen.

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