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Five contenders who should contact the Royals about a trade for Whit Merrifield

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It seems like there have been Whit Merrifield trade rumors for the better part of three years. The Royals have continuously kicked the tires on trading Merrifield but have never actually pulled the trigger. But given Kansas City’s disappointing season, this could finally be the time that the Royals use Merrifield in a trade to help boost their rebuilding efforts.

The caveat is that Merrifield is not having his best season. His offensive numbers are well below what he’s produced in recent years. However, there are plenty of potential Merrifield trades in the works because he’s a veteran player with a lot of defensive versatility, making him a valuable commodity on the trade market.

Whit Merrifield trade rumors 2021

In the days leading up to the MLB trade deadline, Whit Merrifield trade rumors 2021 are ramping up again. If the Royals get the right offer, there’s no question that they’ll strongly consider trading him.

If that happens, let’s check out some of Merrifield’s most likely trade destinations.


One reason why the Royals aren’t rushing to trade Merrifield is that he has two more years left on his current contract at a total cost of just $9.25 million.


That makes him a valuable and cost-effective player, which is a big reason why the Mariners are expressing a lot of interest in him. Seattle GM Jerry Dipoto isn’t looking for rentals this year, but a player like Merrifield who could help the Mariners compete in 2022 and 2023 is a different story. Most likely, Merrifield would fit at second base, where the Mariners have received little production this season.


The Mets are bound to do something substantial at the deadline, so they can’t be ruled out of making a play for Merrifield.

On the surface, the team’s biggest short-term need is at shortstop with Francisco Lindor on the IL. Merrifield wouldn’t fill in at shortstop, but he would help the Mets remain versatile. Also, the Mets are heavy with left-handed hitters, especially in the outfield, meaning Merrifield would give them a little more balance.


Merrifield’s ability to play the outfield makes him a great candidate for the Yankees, who need to add at least one outfielder at the deadline.

Plus, between Merrifield and DJ LeMahieu, the Yankees would have the flexibility to overcome many of their injuries. That could make Merrifield a key part of the Yankees turning things around.

White Sox

The White Sox are likely to trade for a middle infielder before the deadline after Nick Madrigal suffered a season-ending injury last month.


Obviously, Merrifield would fill in as Chicago’s primary second baseman. He wouldn’t need to be a star for the White Sox, just play his role. However, the White Sox wouldn’t have an obvious plan for Merrifield after this year, so they might actually be better off finding a rental player.


San Francisco’s lineup could surely use a boost before the trade deadline, as the Giants have been led by their pitching staff all season.

Merrifield would be a potential fit at second base, third base, or as a part-time outfielder to complement a left-hand heavy outfield.

More than anything, the Giants are an aging team that has suffered a lot of injuries this season. A versatile player like Merrifield who can fill in at multiple positions would be an ideal fit for San Francisco. 

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