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10 cities that should be considered when MLS next adds an expansion team

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Major League Soccer seems to be always expanding. There’s a new team every season which brings about new fans as soccer becomes more and more available across the US with MLS expansion teams. We’ve cherrypicked 10 destinations that could benefit from an expansion team.

MLS expansion teams

Honolulu, Hawaii

Yes, the Hawaiian Islands are technically a little far from the US mainland but consider that over 100 flights already make the same trip every day. Also given that the distance between Los Angeles and Hawaii is about the same as LA to New York, then it becomes less of an issue.

MLS expansion cities could come little more desirable than this tropical paradise which would surely cultivate happy personnel and potential future greatest players in MLS history.

Billings, Montana

Montana is one of the few US states without any professional sports teams. In turn, this prompts MLS expansion ideas in Billings the state’s most populated city.

This wouldn’t just be a team for the one million residents of Montana state, however, as the Major League Soccer map has a real void between Minnesota United and the Portland Timbers. A Montana-based franchise would help plug that soccer gap.


Winnipeg, Canada

Could Canada benefit from more MLS expansion teams? The Canadian Premier League might be here but can it compete with Major League Soccer which has been operating for almost 20 years longer?

Valour FC is already playing in the domestic product and has a stadium of 33,000, bigger than some MLS grounds. It could be an easy process to simply take this team and move them, rather than set up a new team entirely.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

New Mexico shares a border with both Texas (which has three MLS teams) and the soccer-mad nation of Mexico. It, therefore, seems strange that a team hasn’t been formed in Albuquerque with half a million people in the city.

New Mexico United play in the USL and has discussed participating in MLS and may do so in 2024 which would be a massive upgrade for the state’s soccer offering.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Wisconsin is spoiled for good sports teams. The Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA and the Green Bay Packers have been known to win a few bits of silverware. Forward Madison FC has been around since 2018 but has not set the world alight in terms of on-pitch success.


Milwaukee as the biggest city in the state could attract some more sporting silverware. While Green Bay has arguably more sporting lineage if a new team were to start playing at Lambeau Field (home to the Green Bay Packers) it may be hard to install a committed fanbase to fill the 80,000+ stadium.

Newark, New Jersey

New Jersey might not be as attractive as New York on paper. However, the locals will still have some civic pride in their state. It must be a real kick in the teeth that when they support their local club, the Red Bulls, they’re called the New York Red Bulls, despite being geographically placed in New Jersey.

MLS expansion teams could offer New Jersey citizens to get behind a team that relates to the local area.

Chicago, Illinois (second team)

Both New York and Los Angeles have two MLS teams, so why can’t Chicago? As the third-biggest city in the US, it could easily foster another franchise to rival Chicago Fire. Especially given that the Fire struggle to fill Soldier Field and have been incredibly underwhelming on the pitch.

A new franchise could re-invigorate Chicago’s soccer enthusiasm as even disgruntled Fire fans would turn up more often to remind the new franchise who was the original Chicago MLS team.

San Francisco, California

There might not be a bigger demand amongst all prospective MLS expansion cities than San Francisco. California as a state already has three teams but San Franciso doesn’t have one, leaving a key gap in the market. The 49ers are becoming more and more interested in soccer, having recently bought Leeds United in England, prompting a potential satellite club.

San Francisco City FC already plays in the second tier of the USL, meaning there’s a pre-existing soccer market in the city. A small Californian rivalry cup would be hotly contested between the San Fran team, the two LA clubs, and the San Jose Earthquakes.

Anchorage, Alaska

MLS expansion teams might not be more remote than a potential franchise in Anchorage, Alaska. Now, it might be very cold up there but Major League Soccer prides itself on having a wealth of different weather conditions which make up the rich tapestry of the division.

Trying to convince New York fans to make the trip to Alaska on a midweek evening might be a hard sell but it is not that far from the Pacific Northwest.

New Orleans, Louisana

New Orleans is praised as being one of the most revered cities for culture and festival atmospheres.

The city already has two well-supported teams in NFL and NBA, however, with those teams having limited success in recent years, there could be a gap for a new team to represent the city.

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