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The appeal of Major League Soccer has gone through some interesting phases with spurts of major transfer acquisitions for the franchises and the growing interest in the game with the USMNT and USWNT continually playing well on the global stage. Which teams have the best (and worst) fanbases out of all the MLS franchises? The MLS fans are ranked right here!

MLS fans ranked

X- St. Louis City

Firstly, we start with a non-ranker. St. Louis City hasn’t completed a full season having only started playing in 2023. There’s no evidence to say that this Missouri-based franchise will stick around or if this is a fad. The initial signs on and off the pitch are promising, however.

28. Chicago Fire

When it comes to the MLS fans ranked, the Chicago Fire doesn’t have much to shout about.

One of the worst average attendances by season average, the upper management even at one point banned multiple supporter groups from attending games, leaving a bitter taste and lessening the desire to support the team.

27. Real Salt Lake

It’s never nice when off-field politics take precedence in the stands. Unfortunately for Real Salt Lake, their former owner Dell Loy Hansen was accused of some pretty horrific actions during his time at the franchise, as well as cutting the women’s team from the club.


As such, the team became a lot less desirable to support as attendances have declined over the last few years, as such so has the atmosphere.

26. Houston Dynamo

It’s never nice to brandish the worst MLS fanbase tag but sometimes it’s needed. Houston Dynamo supporters seldom turn up to their games at Shell Energy Stadium, with almost a third of the seats always empty.

Although with the advent of Austin FC and the lack of any real protection from the elements (including the beaming Texan summer sunshine), is it any wonder that fans aren’t rushing to Dynamo games or making a fuss while there?

25. New York Red Bulls

Thierry Henry once electrified the crowds in Harison, New Jersey. The Cathedral of American Soccer, Red Bull Arena however has seen a real dip in attendance figures as time has passed. The Frenchman left and New York City FC set up actually within the state borders.

The 16,000 who turn up regularly might not be quite as vocal as other supporters in the US. This could stem from discontent feelings toward the club as the supporters have staged walkouts and boycotts at games during the 2023 season.


24. D.C. United

The move to Audi Field in 2018 was long-needed as the team played at the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium, which was long due demolition.

The ground seldom facilitated any kind of atmosphere. The new state-of-the-art facility is great but given a lot of its history has been hidden behind COVID-19 protocols, it’s yet to fully establish itself. One of the louder sections of the ground is the nest, where the Screaming Eagles supporter groups sit.

23. Philadelphia Union

The Philadelphia Union is most certainly an emerging Major League Soccer fanbase. Their run to the 2022 MLS Cup final saw them attract some fantastic crowds at Subaru Park as the team grew and grew under Jim Curtin.

The problem is that the atmosphere isn’t very consistent. As such, the club website even lists ‘must-see games’ throughout the season, prompting fans to turn up to key matches. But shouldn’t every opportunity to see the team play be a must-see occasion?

22. San Jose Earthquakes

PayPal Park might have a smaller average attendance than most but given that the ground only holds 18,000 fans it does a decent job of appearing full even when it attracts few fans to the games.

It’s not a discredit to call the San Jose Earthquakes supporters calmer than their Californian counterparts but it’s certainly more ‘family friendly’, which does appeal to some. This is vindicated by the club’s efforts to break a Guinness World Record by conducting the world’s largest soccer lesson for its fans, a really interesting incentive.

21. Inter Miami

One of the smallest MLS fanbases got itself a massive boost when they acquired, the world’s greatest footballer, Lionel Messi. While the internet support is massive because lots of fans are now interested in watching Messi rip up stateside defenses, the in-person atmosphere wasn’t always as loud.

There were even empty seats at Lionel Messi’s second match for the franchise. The DRV PNK Stadium, of course, is only the interim home while Miami Freedom Park is built. When they’ve got their own proper home sorted, the atmosphere and attendance might pick up.

20. New England Revolution

Whenever a Major League Soccer team sets up shop at an NFL stadium, or non-soccer-specific ground, it can lead to issues. The sense of belonging or ownership is lacking, even if the hand egg people use significantly less than the soccer teams. Regardless, the New England Revolution play at the Gillette Stadium which is commonly known as the home for the New England Patriots.

The lack of atmosphere is best documented by die-hard Rev’s supporter, Peter Tsipas. In 2021, Tsipas watched his team have a great campaign, yet the excitement and enthusiasm seemingly never translated away from the pitch and into the stands. While there are a few different strands as to why this is the case, one of the major issues is the infrastructure around getting to a game, which can often lead fans very tired before the game even kicks off, meaning they don’t have enough energy to give a rousing reception.

19. CF Montreal

First things first, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the matchday experience at Saputo Stadium. It’s got a fine selection of craft beer and exceptional food offerings, much like the city itself. It’s just not quintessentially soccer.

Some of the best atmospheres are those where the fans have nothing else to do other than support the team, i.e. Villa Park, Elland Road, etc. Subsequently, home games for CF Montreal are honestly a bit quiet.

18. Colorado Rapids

With some of the highest susceptibility to adverse weather, it’s worth applauding the Colorado Rapids fans who do make it Dick’s Sporting Goods Park week in and week out.

However, when the temperatures are subzero and the ‘atmosphere’ can suffer, even if the ground is near capacity.

17. Vancouver Whitecaps

While the top games at BC Place, like encounters with Seattle Sounders, often provide staple atmospheres, the ground doesn’t replicate this for every match.

Frustratingly, the Vancouver Whitecaps attendances seem to be slipping making it difficult for the fanbase to make any real noise.

16. FC Dallas

Starting life as the Dallas Burn in the inaugural 1996 season, FC Dallas should have one of the best MLS fanbases. While they have some vigor, it’s very middle of the pack in 2023.

Probably because their grip on Texas soccer has loosened as Houston Dynamo and Austin FC have arrived on the scene.

15. Austin FC

It might still be early days in Austin FC’s existence in Major League Soccer but the Q2 Stadium regularly attracts capacity crowds.

The team has been buoyed by some terrific early results like playoff participation which has only amplified the fans’ voices.

14. Columbus Crew Field opened its doors to the Columbus Crew midway through the 2021 campaign and is universally recognized as one of the best soccer matchday experiences in the US.

Fans are enlightened with the state-of-the-art fan facilities and show their appreciation with raucous energy from kick-off to the final whistle.

13. New York City FC

New York City FC had the unique opportunity to become the second Major League Soccer team to call itself New York-based but the first to play in the state.

While Yankee Stadium and Citi Field aren’t the best for the game, the fans still turn up, regardless of the venue.

12. Orlando City SC

One of the most vibrant-looking stadiums in America is the purple-clad Exploria Stadium.

The matchday experiences are equally as exciting with exceptional noise from the Orlando City SC supporters.

11. LAFC

Los Angeles is a large metropolitan area. Is it big enough for a second MLS franchise? Someone certainly thought so.

While LA Galaxy was already one of the most followed teams when LAFC was founded, the allure to being with the club from day zero was enough for many to swap their white jerseys for black. The fanbase is used to winning having consistently been ranked at the top end of the standings since its inception and as such in good voice for the majority of games.

10. Nashville SC

When your franchise has Hany Mukhtar on the roster, one of the league’s consistent top performers, it’s hard to keep quiet.

The Geodis Park faithful regularly post attendance figures over 28,000. Players, fans and MLS officials have noted that it is one of the louder venues, making for a real atmospheric cauldron for all those visiting.

9. Minnesota United

Out of the newer expansion franchise teams, Minnesota United appears to be one of the best fanbases in terms of replicating an atmosphere that wouldn’t be out of place in European football.

The South Stand at Allianz Field houses around 3,000 home fans, some of the league’s loudest.

8. FC Cincinnati

Entering Major League Soccer from the United States League, FC Cincinnati supporters are very well seasoned – especially given their lack of success in their earlier seasons in MLS.

The TQL Stadium is one of the best-performing venues in the league for overall percentage of attendance.

 7. Charlotte FC

Who says you need history to be relevant? Charlotte FC set their piece of Major League Soccer history in their first-ever home game when 74,000+ turned up for their inaugural competitive game. Which at the time in 2022 was the highest ever for an MLS match.

Since then the team doesn’t always have all of the Bank of America Stadium (usually opting for a 38,000 capacity setup) but often sells out what they do put on sale.

6. Toronto FC

For a long time, Toronto FC was the only Canadian team in Major League Soccer – giving it some appeal across the entire nation. The team is still home to the best support in Canada in terms of sheer number with over 23,000 regularly turning up to BMO Field.

While it’s been noted that the generations of yesteryear were more impassioned, that was probably in tune with the club’s better results. These days they’re simply tired of Lorenzo Insigne failing to make a difference as the team continues to struggle.

5. Sporting Kansas City

There’s a case to simply put one of the loudest MLS fanbases, the Sporting Kansas City fans, as the top set of fans in Major League Soccer. Their incredible vocal performance throughout games is backed up by the Blue Wall. Sometimes referred to as the Blue Hell, it’s a collective of supporters who dress in the club colors, hold multiple blue banners, and tifos, and sing the loudest throughout games. There’s even a ‘Welcome to the Blue Hell’ banner to intimidate the opposition players.

These fans are incredibly dedicated to the franchise and have other 14,000 season ticket holders with a reported 3,000 just on the waiting list. All the other tickets tend to go quickly, making it very difficult to visit. However, this consistent fanbase makes for a raucous atmosphere, having sold out the ground for 100 consecutive home games at one point.

4. LA Galaxy

For all the troubles that LA Galaxy supporters have had to put up with in 2023, they are still incredibly loyal to the club and only want what is best for a historic franchise that has done more than its fair part to help grow Major League Soccer. When the fans and management are on the same page, Dignity Health Sports Park can be rocking, even when the team isn’t playing at its very best.

At least five supporter groups are belonging to the franchise and bring a lot of vigor and color to the stands with their consistent energy and support for the team.

3. Portland Timbers

Over 100 games of selling out their stadium? Yeah, the Portland Timbers fans consistently turn up to Providence Park. This stems from an engrained passion for the sport as the team’s history predates Major League Soccer. The original Timbers team played in the North American Soccer League (NASL) back in the 1970s, ensuring that the locality truly values soccer.

While very theatrical and painstakingly American, given the team branding is that of woodcutting, every time Portland scores a goal, a local die-hard fan takes a chainsaw to a log of wood in celebration of the score. It may sound cheesy and corny but the crowd goes just as wild for that as they do the goals, making for a great atmosphere.

2. Atlanta United

Does Atlanta United have the best MLS fans? They’re certainly in the conversation, attracting over 47,000 fans per match. For the most part, they’ve been treated to exceptionally attractive soccer which has most definitely prompted greater fan engagement. The Mercedes-Benz Stadium faithful has at least four distinct supporters groups which make an exceptionally loud experience at Atlanta United home games.

During Josef Martinez’s final days at the club, despite the coaching staff not fancying him, the fans continued to chant his name and audibly demanded his participation in matches. To add to that, the Atlanta United fans are also some of the most visible and vocal on social media, especially Twitter (or whatever it’s calling itself these days).

1. Seattle Sounders

When it comes to the MLS fans ranked, the Seattle Sounders regularly top the list. The team and city are steeped in American soccer history as the franchise dates back to the early 1970s. This means the sport isn’t a new concept for the area and supporters have long practised footballing traditions. Numerous chants and songs can be heard during Sounders games. One that has picked up notable attention is the ‘fight and win’ battle cry which is overtly American but still shows the energy the supporters give to their team.

Players at the club have since commented on how pleasurable it is to play at Lumen Field with the home crowd behind them. Víctor Rodríguez famously described home games as a carnival or show experience. He was famously part of the team that won the MLS Cup in 2019. That atmosphere is fostered by the sheer number of fans that turn up to the games as they regularly attract over 30,000 spectators to their home games.

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