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Brady and Rodgers: Tale of a pair of number 12s

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Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers; two of the greatest quarterbacks to ever grace the gridiron.

A lot of people try to compare and rate which one is better instead of just enjoying their legacies. It’s similar to the Ronaldo and Messi debate in soccer, just sit back and enjoy the show. Tonight on Sunday Night Football, these two studs go head to head at Gillette Stadium.

Let’s take a look at both quarterbacks, from their drafts to the Super Bowl titles.

Starting with Brady – the California kid who was drafted 199th of the 2000 NFL draft.

The ageless Brady appears to be nearing the end of his career, one that has had plenty highs and the odd low. With just the five rings, Brady became only the second player (Charles Haley) to achieve this and the only player to have won five with a single team. Under the guidance of Bill Belichick, Brady has won three regular season MVPs and continues the hunt for an incredible sixth Super Bowl.


The dream team of Belichick and Brady haven’t been without controversy. In 2007, the Patriots were accused of videotaping (spygate) the New York Jets defensive coaches’ signals. Then in the 2015 season, the Colts accused the Patriots of underinflating footballs during their AFC championship game. These two incidents will always be blotches on Brady’s legacy but there’s no taking away what he has achieved in his 18 years in the league.

Some of Brady’s records may never be broken, like his eight appearances in a Super Bowl or most wins as a starter (201). Love him or hate him, there’s no denying he will go down as one of the greatest, maybe even the greatest, quarterback of all time but for now let’s see if the ‘old man’ can take down the gunslinger, Rodgers, in tonight’s game.

Now onto A-Rod, another quarterback who hailed from California.

Rodgers entered the league in 2005 having been drafted in the first round (24thpick) by the Green Bay Packers.

Rodgers initially thought that he would be the number one pick of the draft and be selected by his childhood team, the 49ers, but the 49ers loss was the Packers gain. Rodgers, like Brady, has won the regular season MVP and the Vince Lombardi, yes not as many as Brady but he still has a few years on the veteran Patriot. Many feel Rodgers should have more than one Super Bowl ring but injuries have hampered him in recent seasons. Surely there is more to come from the talented gunslinger, supply him with arsenal he deserves, and he will reward the Lambeau faithful. Time may not be on his side but that’s no excuse, time to step up and delivery a fifth Super Bowl to an already stellar franchise.


Now to look forward to tonight’s game, neither of these two will win a Super Bowl tonight but that doesn’t matter because we all know that we have witnessed greatness when one or the other of these two future hall of famers has pulled on their helmet.

Don’t compare the two, just enjoy them and what they do for the sport, because as mentioned, time is not on their side.

P.s. Packers to win 27-24