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Ranking the 10 best NHL jerseys for the 2021/22 season

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One of the best things about sports teams is the jerseys. The jerseys can honestly make or break some people’s choice when it comes to selecting a team to root for. And rightfully so. You want to like what you’re watching on the TV. With the NHL season coming up, let’s looks at some of the best NHL jerseys in 2021/22

Best NHL jerseys in 2021/22

There are some great jerseys in hockey. And there are some awful ones too.

But let’s focus on the good. From logos to color schemes to jersey concepts, there is a lot that goes into making a great jersey.

Here are the best NHL jerseys in 2021/22, which can all be found at the NHL Shop.

10. Kraken

The Seattle Kraken could be much higher up on this list, but we have got to see the jerseys on the ice first.


The light blue color of the Kraken mixed with the navy is elite, but those white jerseys are going to be top sellers. 

9. Golden Knights

When the Vegas Golden Knights entered the league, they came in with top 10 jerseys. The darker gold color is a unique primary color.

The white jerseys with the white gloves is a fresh look. I don’t love the red they add to it, making the reverse retros not one of my favorites, but the Gold Knights did everything right to have a top jersey. 

8. Sabres

The Buffalo Sabres rightfully went back to the lighter blue color last season and it immediately makes the color in the jersey pop out so much more.


And you can’t go wrong with the gold trim. 

7. Blackhawks

There’s obviously the controversy around the logo itself and the issue with native Americans, but the team is named after a real-life Native American chief.

The team is going to keep it and the class appeal of the Blackhawks jersey makes it top tier. 

6. Rangers

The red, white and blue colors plus the history of the logo and the team.

Don’t fix what ain’t broke. Except if it involves bringing back the Lady Liberty logo as an alternate, 

5. Senators

The Ottawa Senators finally got rid of those god awful senator head logo and went back to their old roots.

They brought back the Roman logo and it makes the jersey so much better. They already have an excellent color combo with the black, gold and red and adding the right logo makes the jerseys look pristine. 

4. Avalanche

I was originally skeptical of the blue helmets they introduced last season, but they grew on me.

Their blue with the maroon is fantastic and it’s one of the best logos in the league too. 

3. Canadiens 

A great color set and another classic logo. The Montreal Canadiens have sleek and simple jerseys but they’re so iconic.

The reverse retros were top notch too, with blue as the primary color. 

2. Flames

The Calgary Flames made the right decision a couple years ago to go back to their original concept.

They got rid of the black in the jersey and it makes the jersey so much better. The red and yellow is a top-tier color scheme. 

1. Coyotes 

The Arizona Coyotes are here for one reason and one reason only – the Kachina.

Arizona finally brought back the beloved classic jersey from the 1990s as their de facto home uniform last season. If only the team wasn’t heading into a dumpster-fire period. Imagine those Kachina jerseys in a home playoff game?

As we look ahead to next season, check out our top 10 NHL players rankings.

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