Maple Leafs

Ranking the 10 best NHL fanbases

Which teams have the best NHL fans? This debate comes up occasionally and usually ends with fans choosing their team over all the rest. Every fan would like to believe their team has the most NHL fans in stands around the league and the loudest crowd, but only a handful of fanbases have actually proved it throughout the franchise’s history.

Andrei Vasilevskiy

Ranking the 10 best goalies in the NHL in 2023-24

As far as best NHL goalies 2023-24 go, there are many great candidates to be among the top of the league this upcoming season. There are a few big names that have been in the conversation for many years now, but there are others that have come out of nowhere and had an incredible season last year.

Connor Hellebuyck

10 bold predictions for the 2023 NHL offseason

The first thing to look forward to this offseason is the 2023 NHL draft, which will take place June 28-29. After that, the action really picks up as NHL free agency begins just a few days later on July 1. Once the clock hits noon on the first of July, teams can begin talking to players from other teams, and we should hear about new deals shortly after.