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Fortunate September schedule makes the Blue Jays a team to watch down the stretch

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With just a 18.5% chance of making the playoffs on August 31st, this season looks set to be a disappointing one for the Toronto Blue Jays. There are winnable games aplenty on the Blue Jays September 2021 schedule, but it is a big ask to close the gap in the American League East standings with how the Rays and Yankees are playing.

Toronto entered the year with legitimate playoff hopes. Tampa has been better than expected, as has Boston, leaving the Jays fourth in the AL East with 110 games in the books.

Blue Jays September 2021 Schedule

These Jays are still young. Their core is a long way from its collective peak. There’s no rush to win it all in 2021, and some would say the early struggles of a contending team are just part of the process.

Dave Stieb, Toronto’s all-time leader in bWAR, spoke to Betway about how his difficult first few years with the Jays made it all the more valuable when they could compete.

The seven-time All-Star said, “We just had to be patient, roll with the punches and rise above it. It was almost a better thing to go through than being put on a first-place team where everything’s already there.

“I don’t think I would change that experience for anything because it was a growing process, just like me learning how to pitch in the major leagues was a growing process.


“When you go through that, and you finally get to where you want to be, it makes it all worth it. All the hard work paid off.”

Maybe 2021 proves to just be a ‘growing process’ for Toronto.

Hopes In September

The Blue Jays September 2021 schedule gives reason for greater optimism, however. Toronto has two series against the Baltimore Orioles (including one in October). They have seven games with the lowly Twins.

A total of 13 against New York and Tampa might look difficult on paper, but it’s an opportunity to close the gap.

Ultimately, this Toronto team is good, even if they miss out on the postseason. The rotation was meant to be the weakness. While they aren’t getting much depth from their starters (18th in innings pitched), they rank eighth in starter ERA.

The offense has been as advertised, sitting third in isolated power, second in homers and third in wRC+.

There can be no major complaints about the bullpen, which ranks top 10 in leaving runners on base and grades average or better across the board. The health of George Springer, who has played just 50 games, is the greatest concern going forward, considering the whopping contract he received in the offseason.

Elsewhere, Robbie Ray has thrived. Vlad Jr has been an MVP-level guy. Bo Bichette has maintained his trajectory and Marcus Semien has been very productive.

This is a team ahead of schedule, a team which can yet reach the playoffs. They might be in fourth with just over a month to go, but fans across baseball should keep an eye on the Blue Jays September 2021 schedule. It’s going to be a fun ride down the stretch.

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