The Blue Jays and Marlins have agreed a trade. Corey Dickerson and Adam Cimber are heading to the Jays in exchange for Joe Panik and a minor league pitcher.

Dickerson is on the injured list at the moment. Cimber has been a standout in Miami’s bullpen.

Down in 19th in outfield wins above average, the Blue Jays will hope for solid production from Dickerson. Often a trade candidate, the lefty outfielder isn’t having his best season. He still, however, possesses an OPS+ of 116 for his career. His Toronto debut will be his sixth Major League team, and his second time for an AL East team after a stint with the Rays a few years ago.

Toronto is looking to make ground in the AL East standings. Improving their outfield production would help them on their way. Cimber, though, might be the more exciting part of this deal.

The Jays bullpen has been solid. Cimber, however, can really help at the back end. The submariner might not strike many out, but he’s excelled at keeping hitters off balance.


The former Cleveland pitcher ranks in the 96th percentile in barrel rate and in the 73rd percentile in expected slugging. The numbers in Toronto’s relief group are generally good, but it never hurts to have another reliable arm. He’s excelled against both lefties and righties, too.

This all makes sense for the Jays. With Jesus Sanchez ascending, the Marlins could afford to move Dickerson. Ultimately, news of who the minor league arm is will tell us more about how even this deal is. Panik provides some infield depth, but he’s a well-below average hitter.

This won’t be the biggest trade before the 2021 deadline. It has the potential to be a decent move for both franchises, however. Adding yet more pitching to the farm makes a lot of sense for Miami. Toronto is in the division race, but clearly needs a boost. Cimber and Dickerson can provide that in the second half.

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