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With the trade deadline coming up, I thought I’d look at every team in the league and give my view on who they should either go out and trade for or put up on the trade block and sell before the deadline hits. This will be split up into the eight different divisions so it’s easier to see what is suggested your favourite team do and their rivals do to reach the postseason or generally just win some games.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Keep Le’Veon Bell

Now, with the team to kick this monster marathon of possible trades, I’ve decided to break the rules a little. If I was doing this a few days ago I’d suggest the Steelers go out and get cornerback Patrick Peterson, however, he decided to release a rallying cry behind his current team and destroy my hopes and dreams for this section of the article.

The next big move for the Steelers to pull out is to keep hold of star running back, Le’Veon Bell. Bell is still to show up in Pittsburgh which pretty much ends any hope of them trading him away for a high price, so keeping him for the remainder of the year on a franchise tag contract is perfect as they get production from one of the best in the game. Pair him with breakout star James Conner and the offence in Pittsburgh looks like one of the best in the league right now.

Cincinnati Bengals: Trade for Daryl Worley

The Bengals have been the surprise package of the year as they’re looking quite good this season, currently sitting at 4-3.


Andy Dalton and his offence have looked superb and that doesn’t need touching in any sense whatsoever. However, their defensive roster looks a little slim on depth, so they should go out and get some defensive additions.

I’m not talking quality stars but someone who can impact the team and can be picked up for cheap. That someone is Daryl Worley from Oakland. It seems Gruden has lost his patience with his entire roster apart from Derek Carr, so Cincinnati should take advantage of the fire sale and pick up Worley for a 6th or 7th round pick.

Baltimore Ravens: Trade for Demaryius Thomas

What a fitting end to Ozzie’s career in the NFL if his last trade ever was for a big man receiver like Thomas.

It’s almost too good to be true but Thomas has been in a few trade talks recently and even admitted himself that his time in Denver feels like it’s coming to an end. With him entering the latter stages of his career, he’ll be looking to have a better chance of getting into the postseason and his chances definitely go up by joining the Ravens. He won’t cost too much either considering his talents. I reckon they can pick him up for a 4th rounder at the very maximum.

Cleveland Browns: Sell either Tyrod Taylor or Jamie Collins

The Browns have really taken the league by surprise and look to be in perfect shape for a very bright future. This is the exact reason why I don’t have them buying anyone this trade period because it could ruin what they have been working on for years.


They do have a couple pieces they can move on. Linebacker Jamie Collins is one player who Cleveland can look to move on and get a decent pick for him, funding their push for the future. However, the most sensible trade would be to trade away quarterback Tyrod Taylor.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Taylor’s stay in Cleveland was always going to be fairly short, thanks to the team selecting Baker Mayfield with the top pick of the draft, although, no one knew it would be this short. I think there would be uproar if the Browns dropped Baker right now and put Tyrod in his place, so moving him on would be the best option especially given his very awkward contract. Although the Browns will be looking for their third-round pick back from potential trade partners, I reckon they’ll manage to get a fourth or a fifth rounder from a team who needs a quick fix at QB.