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The NFC North has surprised a few at how closely contested it currently is at the halfway stage of the season. Both the Packers and Vikings have struggled to make their mark this season and that has allowed both the Bears and Lions to keep within a game or two of reaching the postseason. This division will go down to the wire so it is vital that the teams make the perfect move whilst they still can.

Minnesota Vikings: Buy Joshua Garnett

The Vikings have struggled in parts this year and they really should be looking at reinforcing a position or two, rather than selling a couple of pieces that may come in handy later down the stretch.

One position where they’ve suffered a couple injuries is the guard position. Step up Garnett. It’s been common knowledge for a while that Garnett’s days are limited in San Francisco and I’m sure Kirk Cousins wouldn’t be against another capable guy stopping defenders from nailing him.

Green Bay Packers: Buy Shane Ray

Shane Ray is a guy I’ve shipped out a few times over these divisional pieces and that’s because a fair few teams need a pass edge rusher and Ray is the best available right now. He may be suffering from an ankle problem but once he is fit, he can ease the pressure on an ageing Clay Matthews and take some snaps.

The mega positive for the Packers is that the Broncos wouldn’t be against losing Ray and he will be fairly cheap, so it’s not like they’ll have to jump through hoops to get this deal done. I reckon Ray can be picked up for a fourth or fifth round pick, something the Packers can afford to lose.


Detroit Lions: Sell Ameer Abdullah

The Lions have truly shocked many fans this season as they currently sit 3-4. They’ve had some big scalps too so they could be a late wildcard underdog. There’s been talk that some teams have inquired about star receiver Golden Tate, however, it would really stupid of Detroit to sell someone who is key to their push for the postseason.

Instead, I have them selling a running back they simply do not need and can sell to a team that needs a backup running back. This back is Abdullah, a guy who has a good skill set and is explosive. I can’t see them getting more than a very late pick for him, but it’s better than him sitting on the sidelines week in and week out.

Chicago Bears: Find a running back

The Bears have been impressive at times this season and they made a huge move in the offseason when they acquired Khalil Mack from the Raiders. This sorted their defence out but their ground offence isn’t what it used to be. Rumours suggest that the Bears may be looking to sell Jordan Howard, however, they should go out and get some experience.

The obvious big move would be to go and get McCoy from the Bills, however, with Chicago already moving two first rounders, they can’t really afford to lose a third rounder. Other, cheaper, options would be Alfred Morris from the 49ers and possibly Abdullah from their divisional rivals, even though I hate predicting those type of moves.