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The NFC West will be looked over for the remainder of the season and so it should. The Rams are currently running away with it as they continue to be unbeaten this season. Their closest competitors are the Seahawks at 3-3, whilst the other two teams, Arizona and San Francisco, are both sitting at 1-6 for the season.

Los Angeles Rams: Buy Bradley Roby

Everything about the Rams season is perfect apart from their roster as they do have some injury worries. They are currently unbeaten and their roster was perfectly built over the offseason. Unfortunately, like every team in the league, they have suffered some injuries, especially to their cornerbacks.

This means that the Rams can go out and be aggressive with who they choose to deal for in this position. My choice would be Roby as he’s in the last year of his contract and would be relatively cheap, going for around a fourth rounder.

Seattle Seahawks: Add a safety

Honestly, there isn’t a lot the Seahawks can afford to do. Unless there’s some sort of miracle, they aren’t catching the Rams and reaching a wildcard position is going to be hard considering teams like the Eagles, Packers, and Panthers are all going for that wildcard spot too.

With what happened with Earl Thomas they should look to bring in a guy who can cover for him for the season before potentially making a bigger deal in the summer next year to get his replacement. Who they go and get depends on how aggressive they play.


Arizona Cardinals: Sell Deone Bucannon

Arizona was always going to be this bad, they were never going to compete this year and will probably not for the next couple of seasons as they go through a massive rebuild. With a rebuild, teams usually sell more than they buy and that’s why I have them selling Bucannon.

Reports have suggested that Arizona may be shipping key veteran pieces like Larry Fitzgerald, however, that will leave rookie Josh Rosen without a proper weapon and target. That’s why I think Bucannon is the best to sell right now.

San Francisco 49ers: Buy Karl Joseph

The 49ers season ended as soon as Jimmy Garoppolo went down with that ACL injury. However, that doesn’t stop what they are currently building over there. Many will probably be thinking that the 49ers will look to sell veteran pieces for draft picks. However, their secondary has been hit hard with injuries and they just lost their starting free safety.

This is why I have them taking advantage of the fire sale in Oakland and taking their former first-round pick safety, Joseph. It’s clear that Gruden has lost patience with his team and Joseph is no exception from the rule. 49ers can pick him up for quite cheap and his contract suits them with their being a team option for 2020.