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Projecting L’Jarius Sneed’s contract for 2024 and beyond is one of the biggest questions facing the Kansas City Chiefs on the heels of their Super Bowl victory.

The cornerback was a big part of Kansas City’s success in 2023. Now that Sneed’s free agency has arrived, the Chiefs have to decide if he’s going to be a part of their future and at what cost.

L’Jarius Sneed Free Agent Preview

To be fair, Sneed isn’t exactly one of the greatest defensive players in league history. But he’s certainly established himself as a top-flight cornerback. On the open market, he’s likely to get a lucrative deal from a team looking to boost their secondary.

The question is what team will end up with Sneed and how much will he make in free agency. Let’s take a closer look at L’Jarius Sneed’s contract situation, including what teams are likely to pursue him and how much he’ll make as a free agent.


Needless to say, the Chiefs are going to make a strong effort to keep Sneed. Using the franchise tag to keep him for 2024 is one option.


However, the Chiefs also have Chris Jones to consider. They might need to use the franchise tag on Jones if they don’t want to risk losing him in free agency. That increases the possibility that Sneed will end up on the open market this offseason, available for any team to negotiate with him.


As one of the teams with cap space to burn, the Commanders are an obvious candidate for Sneed. Washington is also a team with a lot of needs, including at cornerback with Kendall Fuller hitting free agency.

While the secondary may not be a top priority, the Commanders have the money to make a serious push for Sneed.


Elsewhere in the NFC East, the Eagles are another possible suitor for Sneed. Cornerbacks Darius Slay and James Bradberry are both starting to age.

With Sneed being in the prime of his career, Philadelphia could look at him as an upgrade, making Slay or Bradberry expendable.



Atlanta’s top priority this offseason is to find a quarterback. But there is also room for improvement on defense despite most of the team’s starting lineup set to return.

Depth is an issue at cornerback for the Falcons, which could lead them to consider Sneed. Plus, by pairing Sneed with A.J. Terrell, Atlanta would have one of the best cornerback tandems in the NFL, which would help to reshape the entire defense.


Similarly, the Packers could have the same mindset about pairing Sneed with Jaire Alexander. Keep in mind that the Green Bay offense is loaded with young talent.

That will allow the Packers to use their cap space to improve their defense. Outside of Alexander, the Green Bay secondary has a lot of holes to fill this offseason, making Sneed an ideal target.


The secondary doesn’t look like a strength for the Rams right now, especially given some of the players who are becoming free agents this offseason. On the other hand, Aaron Donald and Kobie Turner will help to ensure the Los Angeles defensive line is among the best in the NFL next season.

Therefore, the Rams can afford to be aggressive in addressing their secondary. Naturally, they will look to target one of the best cornerbacks available, making Sneed a great fit in Los Angeles.

L’Jarius Sneed Contract Projection

Based on some of the comments that Sneed has made this offseason, he expects to get paid. He’s not likely to take a hometown discount to stay with the Chiefs. After all, he already has two Super Bowl rings.

He doesn’t need to chase a championship; he can chase money instead. Most projections have Sneed making between $15 million and $18 million per season. In the end, he figures to at least get a three-year deal worth $52 million with $30 million guaranteed. However, a four-year deal worth upwards of $70 million could be on the table if there is a bidding war for his services.

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