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NFL Teams with Most Cap Space in 2024 Offseason

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There might be no bigger influence for the upcoming offseason than the NFL teams with the most cap space for 2024. These teams will have the most flexibility and be positioned to be the most aggressive in free agency this offseason.

After all, no player can receive the franchise tag or receive one of the biggest contracts in NFL history from a team that doesn’t have a lot of cap space.

NFL Cap Space By Team for 2024

To help you prepare for the upcoming offseason, we wanted to provide a list of NFL cap space by team. That way, you’ll know where every team stands and how much money they have to spend this offseason.

We are also going to take a closer look at the NFL teams with the most cap space in 2024 and how they might use that cap space.

  • Commanders: $83.5 million
  • Titans: $73.9 million
  • Patriots: $69.9 million
  • Colts: $66.4 million
  • Texans: $65.4 million
  • Bengals: $61.4 million
  • Bears: $49.1 million
  • Lions: $48.1 million
  • Cardinals: $44.6 million
  • Buccaneers: $43.6 million
  • Raiders: $43.4 million
  • Rams: $35.3 million
  • Panthers: $31 million
  • Falcons: $29.9 million
  • Vikings: $28.9 million 
  • Giants: $26.8 million
  • Chiefs: $22.6 million
  • Eagles: $20.9 million
  • Jaguars: $17.2 million
  • Jets: $7.6 million
  • 49ers: $570,000
  • Packers: $350,000
  • Ravens: $-827,000
  • Seahawks: $-1.6 million
  • Steelers: $-4.3 million
  • Cowboys: $-14.3 million
  • Browns: $-20.6 million
  • Broncos: $-25.7 million
  • Chargers: $-44 million
  • Dolphins: $-51.2 million
  • Bills: $-52.8 million
  • Saints: $-82.8 million

Washington Commanders

With all due respect, the Commanders probably need this money more than just about any other team, so it’s a good thing that Washington heads into the offseason leading the league in cap space. New head coach Dan Quinn and new GM Adam Peters are going to be able to address a lot of problems.


The Commanders also have the second-overall pick, which will probably be used on a quarterback.

Of course, Washington’s biggest needs are on the defensive side of the ball. The Commanders will need to use their cap space to sign players at all three levels of the defense. It’ll also be a good idea to reinforce the offensive line to help protect their rookie quarterback. With Terry McLaurin and Jahan Dotson in place, there isn’t a huge need for a new wide receiver. But adding depth at that position might not be a bad idea with so much cap space.

Tennessee Titans

The Titans are another team with a new head coach and a ton of cash to spend this offseason. Tennessee also has a top-10 pick and plenty of draft capital on Day 3, giving the Titans a way to address some of their needs outside of free agency.

The question is whether the Titans will give Will Levis a chance in 2024 or use some of their cap flexibility on a veteran quarterback.

Outside of the quarterback position, the Titans have half a dozen defensive starters hitting free agency, creating a lot of holes to fill. The same can be said of the offensive line, where Tennessee will need to sign multiple players this offseason. Last but not least, Derrick Henry leaves a huge hole to fill at running back, which is another position the Titans may need to address in free agency rather than the draft.


New England Patriots

In a growing trend, the Patriots also have a new head coach and a lot of cap space. It also seems likely that they’ll trade Mac Jones and use the third-overall pick on a new quarterback. Otherwise, some of New England’s cap space will go to signing a veteran quarterback because there’s no way they can stick with Jones.

Fortunately for the Pats, the New England defense will remain largely in tack next season outside of a couple of openings in the secondary. But with their two starting offensive tackles and most of their tight ends hitting free agency, those positions will be priorities for the Patriots. Likewise, adding more talent at receiver could be a good way to spend that money.

Indianapolis Colts

Despite missing the playoffs by the smallest of margins this past season, the Colts are in an enviable position. They at least think they have their quarterback of the future with Anthony Richardson. Indy also brings back two Pro Bowlers on the offensive line, running back Jonathan Taylor, and most of the team’s front seven, including Pro Bowl snub Zaire Franklin.

Obviously, wide receiver Michael Pittman is the team’s biggest potential free-agent loss. The Colts will need to either re-sign him or bring in another reliable wide receiver, perhaps both.

There is also room for improvement in the secondary and the need for added depth along the defensive line. Last but not least, the Colts will need to spend some money this offseason on a reliable backup quarterback. Richardson will remain an injury risk, so they need someone like Gardner Minshew who is ready to fill in if needed.

Houston Texans

It’s a little unfair that the Texans won a playoff game last season and also rank so high in cap space heading into the offseason. Houston has its quarterback of the future who’s still on his rookie contract and one of the best young head coaches in the league.

Plus, all of Houston’s key receivers and starting offensive line are under contract, so there is a lot of stability for the offense.

On the other hand, all three levels of the defense will need reinforcements via free agency or the draft. On the bright side, what defensive player wouldn’t want to come and play for DeMeco Ryans right now? Don’t forget the Texans have young defensive stars like Will Anderson and Derek Stingley, so the cupboard is far from bare.

The Texans will also need to make sure they save some money for a tight end and some running back depth despite the Houston offense being in excellent shape.

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