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Best landing spots for Collin Sexton if he doesn’t return to Cleveland

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More than a week into the NBA offseason, Collin Sexton’s free agent status remains the same. The former lottery pick was in the midst of a breakout year next to Darius Garland before suffering a season-ending injury that seriously hampered his value.

He’s still young but didn’t get off to the best start in the NBA. There are some rumors and rumblings about his coachability and likeability as a teammate. But the Young Bull has plenty of upside as a scorer and could still be a 20+ points per game guy for years to come.

Paying a guy coming off a major injury will always be a big risk, especially one that’s never been proven in a winning environment. But Sexton should gauge interest in the sign-and-trade market if the Cavaliers are ready to move on from him.

Collin Sexton free agent

Sexton’s contract offer might well be still sitting on his table unsigned. It may seem like his brass and the Cavs’ front office are too far apart in terms of a contract extension. But he’s a restricted free agent, so they can’t afford to just let him walk for free.

Projected contract

According to the latest reports, Collin Sexton is willing to settle for around $20 million per year through five years. The Cavs, however, were expected to offer him around 3 years and $51 million, an offer that translates to roughly $17 million a season. The yearly salary may not be a huge gap, but the duration of the deal could be too big of a hurdle to get past.


Landing spot


The Utah Jazz reportedly won’t trade away Donovan Mitchell. They want to build around him and gathered a plethora of draft picks to retool their roster. But they need to win some games this season as well if they don’t want Mitchell to force his way out before they get the chance to do so.

While he’s a ball-dominant player like Mitchell, Sexton thrived next to Garland last season. They coexisted and became an explosive, entertaining backcourt with both averaging north of 20 points per game. That formula could also work in Utah, assuming Spida gives them the green light to pursue another backcourt ball-handler.


The New York Knicks can make the most of Collin Sexton’s free agent status. They’ve struggled to land big-name players in free agency, but they shouldn’t face a lot of opposition if they decide to just overpay for Sexton like they always do. Hell, they even did it just last week when they signed Jalen Brunson to that massive contract.

Sexton and Brunson could play together. He’s more of a two-guard anyway and has been at his best when he’s off-the-ball. The Knicks might still want to trade Julius Randle, but a core of Brunson, Sexton, and RJ Barrett could either get them over the hump or be as mediocre as they’ve been since… forever. This would be just classic Knicks.


The Dallas Mavericks couldn’t afford to keep Brunson and also failed to lure Goran Dragic, so they might be desperate to get a deal done right now.


It became evident that Luka Doncic needed another playmaker by his side, and Spencer Dinwiddie may not be good/healthy enough to handle starter duties going forward.

The salary cap could be a big hurdle for the Mavs to get a deal done unless they trade Tim Hardaway Jr. away.

Sexton fits Doncic’s timeline and would give Jason Kidd three potential 20+ points per game scorers with Christian Wood also in the mix. Also, if a Hall of Fame point guard can’t help him be a better playmaker, then no one will.

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