The Cubs are one of the more surprising teams this season so far. Cubs trade rumors 2021 are inevitable in the coming weeks.

While the team has had success in recent years, they were clear sellers this past offseason trading Yu Darvish and losing Jon Lester, Kyle Schwarber, and many more to free agency. They are currently a tied with Brewers in the National League Central.  So where do the Cubs go from here?

Cubs trade rumors 2021

They’ve seen Kris Bryant return to MVP form and have seen Patrick Wisdom absolutely raking out of his mind. The bullpen has been incredible and they continue to find ways to win.

This team did not expect to be here and now they have some decisions to make that will affect the future of this ball club.


It isn’t all good news though. The reality is this team does not look like a legitimate contender.

Kyle Hendricks leads the rotation in ERA with an inflated 4.59. The starting pitching has not been good. The offense has picked this team up, but unfortunately this type of starting pitching will not carry a team deep. So this begs the question, what if they hadn’t traded Yu Darvish?

Yu Darvish is basically what this team could use to trade for if they want to contend and give this ball club an opportunity.

If the Cubs thought they would be in this position at this point when they traded him last year I guarantee they would not have done it. They have some pending big decisions as well with Kris Bryant and Javier Baez. Acquiring a legitimate starter would show them you want to win. Failure to do so and they most likely walk during free agency.

Potential Cubs trade targets

This is a tough spot for the Cubs. So, who do they look to go after?

They have money as lucrative TV deals will guarantee no shortage over the next 12 months.

If they decide to go for it and go after pitching one of the obvious and best candidates on the market would be Max Scherzer.

The guy is the definition of a dog and will give you everything he has every 5 days.  He’s as consistent as they come and a future hall of famer.

With the Nationals at he bottom of the NL East it makes sense they see what they can get for him. Another option, while not as flashy, is Jon Gray. The former No. 3 overall pick has been consistent for the Rockies and since he will be a free agent at year’s end won’t cost an arm and a leg.

One last name is Matthew Boyd. He has been talked about for a while in MLB trade rumors, but the Tigers would be wise to move him. He’s an effective pitcher who will at the minimum give the Cubs more depth that they desperately need.

It’s still up in the air what the Cubs could do at the trade deadline. The play on the field will continue to dictate what they do. If they start to slide Kris Bryant trade rumors will begin to resurface again and you could see the slugger get dealt. With the way the team is playing right now they should be looking to improve the team. It remains to be seen how long this offense can keep this team afloat.

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