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Howie finally gets his Golden Eagle

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The trade deadline has now come and passed and the whole deadline day definitely didn’t disappoint, with multiple big moves occurring. One of, if not the biggest move was made by Philadelphia Eagles as they ignored the issues at secondary and running back to go and get an elite wide receiver in Golden Tate.

Howie Roseman is known for his wheeling and dealing as he is definitely the best negotiator in the league. Many, including me, thought Philly would go out and get an elite running back like LeSean McCoy or an elite cornerback like Patrick Peterson. Instead, he sent a third rounder to Detroit for their star offensive player, Golden Tate.

My reaction to the whole trade is I don’t like it… I absolutely love it! Tate is one of the most productive receivers in the league and seeing teams fight for players such as Amari Cooper and Demaryius Thomas, I was getting scared about how offences would soon be better than Philly’s. With the addition of Tate, Philly will be lining up with one of the best receiving groups in the league and Tate will solve a massive issue on Philly’s offence this season. That issue is converting on third downs and Tate is probably the best in the league at grabbing a few extra yards and converting on third down.

I’m not denying Philly had and still have bigger issues but Tate almost solves the running back issue. After watching Josh Adams, the past few games, I can see he is capable enough to be our running game, especially with Wendell Smallwood, Corey Clement, and Darren Sproles supporting him. Having Tate in this offensive lineup stretches the defence, having to either focus more on Tate, potentially giving Adams a bigger gap to run through, or focus on another receiver and leave Tate open. A lot of the time Philly’s two big receivers, Alshon Jeffery and Nelson Agholor, have been double teamed, adding Tate into the mix takes a defender off these guys and opens the offence up to be one of the best in the league.

I also have to question Detroit’s thinking here. With the right move, they could have made a serious push for the postseason. Now, without their key receiver and main producer, I can’t see them making that push. You also can’t get a Golden Tate type talent in the 3rd round and that’s why this makes it the best trade to happen on deadline day. Howie Roseman once again produces his magic for Philly and its fans!