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It’s time. Football season is back. There is no better time of the year and with the electric opening we witnessed on Thursday night, the hype-train is about to come off the rails. Without further ado, let’s get into the Franchise Sports season predictions compiled by our writers: Stephen Beavon, Jack Wills and myself. What. A. Line-up.

AFC North

Greg – Pittsburgh Steelers

Stephen – Pittsburgh Steelers

Jack – Pittsburgh Steelers

That’s right, the Steelers will finish atop the division. Despite the possible absence of Le’Veon Bell, the Steelers are the most talented team in the division. Controversially, the three of us predict the Browns will have a positive win/loss record, capable of a strong playoff push.
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For the Bengals and Ravens, to say that their season is doomed is fairly accurate. The only battle they’ll be having is contention for last place. 


AFC East

Greg – New England Patriots

Stephen – New England Patriots

Jack – New England Patriots

Stick with us, this is the last of the unanimously decided divisions. As long as the Brady-Belichick dynamic remains in Boston, the Patriots will be dominant. Furthermore, it’s almost certain that the Pats are stronger than all of the remaining candidates for the division, thus a solid 6 wins from 6 will set them up for a strong finish during the regular season.
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On the other hand, the Jets have bet all chips on rookie quarterback, Sam Darnold. His first season in the NFL could be gigantic. 

AFC South

Greg – Jacksonville Jaguars


Stephen – Tennessee Titans

Jack – Houston Texans

The AFC South is very talented this year. Andrew Luck returns to the Colts looking to elevate his team to a successful season, the first in a long time. However, he might not have much luck this year.
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If the Jags can replicate their fantastic 2017 season, then in my books they’ll clinch first place due to the simple fact that they have the best defence in the league. In spite of that, DeShaun Watson is a significant weapon manning the QB position of an explosive roster who boast a solid defence and offensive weapons like Will Fuller V and DeAndre Hopkins. As for Stephen’s prediction – it is BOLD. But don’t write it off just yet, the Titans are extremely talented also. 

AFC West

Greg – Los Angeles Chargers

Stephen – Denver Broncos 

Jack – Denver Broncos

For the West, Jack and Stephen coupled up on their predictions. Who’d have thought we’d see the day?
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In fairness, the Broncos have added Case Keenum to the line-up, who has received continuous praise over his consciousness work-ethic and team driven mentality. As for me, I like the LA Chargers’ roster. In the capable hands of Philip Rivers, this team have everything it takes to make the Playoffs this year – just look at the likes of Keenan Allen, Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa for proof. 

NFC North

Greg – Minnesota Vikings 

Stephen – Minnesota Vikings 

Jack – Green Bay Packers 

The Vikings are absolutely stacked this year. Their defence is relatively unchanged from last year, look for Harrison Smith and Xavier Rhodes to have another dominant season in the Vikings backfield. On top of that, the acquisition of Kirk Cousins has given Viking fans a renewed sense of hope.

The Green Bay Packers are not to be disregarded, many believe them to be the best team in the NFL this year, just like Jack. His explanation? Aaron Rodgers.
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The Bears have added Khalil Mack from the Raiders, but another year or two will be needed in order to push this team forward in the division. 

NFC East

Greg – Philadelphia Eagles

Stephen – Philadelphia Eagles

Jack – New York Giants

A big season for the team in the Big Apple? Jack thinks so. With no.2 Draft pick, Saquon Barkley on the team, the Giants now boast a phenomenal run game as well as a reliable passing system built on a willingness to win produced by Eli Manning.
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Moreover, the Giants also have a strong receiving core in Odell Beckham Jr. and Sterling Shepard. The reigning champion Eagles, who will have Carson Wentz back in a few weeks, are going to take some stopping, however.

NFC South

Greg – Atlanta Falcons

Stephen – New Orleans Saints

Jack – Atlanta Falcons

The Mercedes-Benz Stadium will host Super Bowl LIII and the Falcons will be gunning for a Super Bowl appearance stronger than ever before. Matt  Ryan has ice in his veins. Hoping to return to the form of his 2016 MVP calibre season, Ryan will be pivotal in carrying his team to the playoffs.
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Luckily, he has a standout defence to match and plenty of outlets at his disposal like Julio Jones, Mohammad Sanu and Devonta Freeman. Stephen argues that the Saints have a stronger shout due to their quarterback, Drew Brees. Coming off his most accurate passing season last year, the Saints are still incredibly dangerous in his hands. They too have a fantastic defence to boot. 

NFC West

Greg – Los Angeles Rams

Stephen – San Francisco 49ers

Jack – San Francisco 49ers

Okay, we are all suckers for Jimmy Garoppolo. After years of learning from the Brady/Belichick two-punch combination in New England, Garoppolo finally gets a full season to put his knowledge and skills to the test. With a sufficient offensive contingent, the 49ers also have a veteran defence which will be crucial to their playoff hopes.
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Although, I feel the Rams are simply too strong for the rest of the division. Jared Goff is finally showing his full potential under Coach McVay. Couple that with the immense Todd Gurley and potentially the best cornerback trio in the league, the Rams look a definite playoff candidate. 

Super Bowl Matchup

Greg – Pittsburgh Steelers vs Los Angeles Rams

Stephen – Pittsburgh Steelers vs Philadelphia Eagles

Jack – Pittsburgh Steelers vs Atlanta Falcons

The three of us have selected the Pittsburgh Steelers to be involved in the Super Bowl this year. This is because of the offence. Ben Roethlisberger may be entering his twilight years in the NFL but he is just as talented and perhaps even more motivated. Le’Veon Bell (as far as we know) and Antonio Brown join Big Ben again and the Steelers are almost unstoppable. 

As for the Rams, I think they have the right dynamic to reach the Super Bowl. As aforementioned, the coach and player dynamic in LA is just perfect and they have a great defence. As the old saying says, defence wins championships.
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Stephen predicts that the Eagles return to the Super Bowl for the second year in a row. Carson Wentz is capable of duplicating the excellent performances of Nick Foles in last season’s playoffs, so long as he escapes injury. The Eagles certainly have the team to emerge victorious. 

Jack believes the Falcons will make it to Super Bowl LIII. He definitely has a fantastic shout there, with their talented roster down south. Matt Ryan and co. are definitely strong contenders in the NFC. Additionally, home-field advantage in the Super Bowl will be absolutely game-changing.