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Three big moves to keep an eye on as the trade deadline nears

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With the trade deadline looming we will take a look at three potential trades which could impact a player or franchise.

There are the obvious players who are looking traded and may not get what they want. Then there are players who don’t want to be traded but it may make sense from a financial standpoint and for the rebuild of some teams.

Jaguars chasing a quarterback

First up is the Jaguars and their need for a quarterback who can take them to the next level.

Having gone close last season under Doug Marrone and that stout defence, a lot of fans believed that if they had a different quarterback under centre the outcome might have been different. Blake Bortles played okay in the AFC Championship game, but 293 yards and one touchdown was never going to be enough to beat the Patriots in their own backyard.

Who would be a good fit for the Jaguars? Tyrod Taylor and Teddy Bridgewater are the first two who standout. Taylor lost the starting role to Mayfield after suffering an injury but in all honesty, it was only a matter of time until he was benched for the number one pick of the 2018 draft.


The Browns might try and get their third round pick back which they gave to Buffalo for Taylor. The Saints traded for Bridgewater when it looked like he was heading for a starters job elsewhere in the league. But with the 2019 draft looking for heavy on defensive players perhaps the Saints will stick with Bridgewater until Brees retires.

Thomas departing Denver

Demaryius Thomas seems destined to leave the Denver Broncos. He is due a base salary of $14 million in 2019 so you can see why the Broncos would be keen to move the veteran wide receiver on.

Adding into it all, the season Emmanuel Sanders is having, and the role rookie Courtland Sutton is carving out, the door is closing on Thomas’s time in the Mile-High City. The New England Patriots are looking like the best landing spot for Thomas, they have a first, 2 second, third, fourth and 2 seventh rounders, I’d imagine somewhere between a second and fourth round pick would be the asking price from Denver. Also, don’t forget that it was Josh McDaniels who drafted Thomas in 2009 when he was head coach of the Denver Broncos. All the pieces fit nicely here for both teams and Thomas and I’m sure Brady would just love to have the veteran wideout to add to his arsenal of weapons in a push for an incredible 6th Super Bowl. The clock is ticking…

Le’Veon Bell to be traded?

The final potential trade is the one which is the most likely. Yes, its Le’Veon Bell but do the Steelers need him? And how much would a team give up for him? I honestly think Bell’s time in Pittsburgh is coming to an end, he has messed about his teammates and coaching staff for half the season and cost himself in the region of just over $6 million.

With James Conner not only stepping in but stepping up for the absent Bell, he has showed that Pittsburgh have a featured back moving forward. The Steelers would be looking at least a fourth-round pick for the three-time Pro Bowler, that seems like a giveaway, but teams will fear giving up a high draft pick for what could become a short-term rental. There are only a handful of teams who could afford Bell (Browns, Colts, Cowboys, Jets and 49ers) and when you look at those in the running its only the Jets and 49ers who have the need for a pass catching running back. Bell may well return in the coming weeks, if this does happen then there will be a few winners and losers both on and off the field. Over to you, Mr. Bell.