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Korver deal is a great move for struggling Utah Jazz

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The Utah Jazz traded for Kyle Korver from the Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday for two future second round picks and Alec Burks, as reported by Adrian Wojnarowski.

Korver was one of the hottest commodities on the early season trade market. Teams need shooting more than ever, and Korver has proven himself as a knockdown catch-and-shoot guy. Half the league were suggested as trade partners for the former Cav, but it’s a return to the Jazz for the journeyman.

The 37-year-old veteran has missed a few games through injury this year. Health is obviously a concern for a player with the mileage Korver has clocked up, though he was never going to be playing 35 minutes a night for a new team. Korver, as the price Utah pays shows, is a bench guy to carry the scoring load when teams rest their stars.

This just makes a tonne of sense for Utah. Donovan Mitchell has started poorly and he carries so much of their scoring burden. They rank 29th in the NBA in three-point percentage as a team and 27th in offensive rating. Korver’s career 43% from three will be a welcome addition.

The greater question is about why other teams did not make a move. The Oklahoma City Thunder and Philadelphia 76ers come to mind. The Thunder are 30th in three-point percentage, while Philly are desperate for perimeter shooting after the Jimmy Butler trade.


An argument can be made for many teams in the NBA. Few are as compelling as OKC or Philly, particularly with the relative shortage of other available shooters at this stage in the season. It might be, of course, that both front offices are waiting for the buyout market to bolster their supporting cast.

It comes down to need. Utah’s poor start meant a move was a higher priority, while Oklahoma City and Philadelphia can afford to bide their time while the team performs well. Whatever the reasoning, though, this is a great move for the Jazz.

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