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Sports cards such as baseball cards massively grew in popularity during the pandemic. Bored fans started to collect these trading cards to relieve the nostalgia and have an additional source of happiness during months of isolation.

Baseball cards UK

The value of baseball cards went on a historic boom for the past two years. For baseball fans, this can be seen as a hobby if you just want to collect cards of your favorite player, or a potential investment if you want to make gains in the future.

Trading cards are also considered one of the best baseball presents you can give to an MLB fan. Whatever the occasion may be, giving these cards as a present is always a good idea especially if you managed to find a card of their favorite player.

If you’re looking to enter this hobby or just thinking of gift ideas, then here are the top places to buy baseball cards in the UK…

Sports Trading Cards UK

Sports Trading Cards is the largest independent sports cards retailer in the UK. If you’re looking for any sports cards, then this should be your number one place in finding baseball cards worth money, whether from packs or boxes.


Since they are the largest retailer, they have first-hand access to the newest release of Panini, Bowman, and Topps baseball cards. You can pre-order via their store, website, or app. Watch out for their new releases every day!

London Sports Cards

Another independent sports card retailer in the UK is London Sports Cards. They offer a wide selection of baseball cards in singles, sets, packs, and boxes. New products are added daily so make sure you stay tuned to their website.

They are also open to buying sealed cards and boxes if you have any.


Breakoutcards has been trading sports cards for over 15 years. They are one of the best places to buy baseball cards in the UK because they are already established.

Like the first two, they are selling new and old releases every now and then. Make sure to check out their website daily.



eBay is the best online store to buy baseball cards worth money. You can find here singles, sets, packs, and boxes of these valuable cards.

There are numerous verified sellers who also sell graded and ungraded cards on eBay. A graded Babe Ruth rookie card is worth over £10,000. Of course, some sellers auction these cards to maximize their value. There’s always an avid baseball card collector who’s willing to pay top money for rare cards.

If you’re in it for the thrill, you can just buy sealed packs or boxes. This one is exciting since you don’t know which cards are you going to get. Pulling a rare card feels like winning the lottery.

Amazon also provides sealed packs and boxes

Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram are two of the best social media sites to find baseball cards.

On Facebook, you can join private groups that do box breaks. A box break is a box-opening event in which the cards are divided among those who joined. The cards they’ll get is depending on a random draw or picking a team. This option is perfect for beginner collectors who want to potentially get rare cards without having to buy a whole box for themselves.

Meanwhile, some diehard baseball card collectors are on Instagram to flex their pulls. These collectors are open to sell sports cards that belong to them for the right price. Just search the hashtag #baseballcardsuk or something similar to that.

Local collectibles shop

Try to find a local collectibles shop near you. There are numerous of these shops that sell collectibles such as action figures, statues, toys, sports cards, and many more. Some rare baseball cards can be found here, graded or not.

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