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Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes set for biggest physical and mental test yet

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The Kid (Patrick Lavon Mahomes II) versus the GOAT (Thomas Edward Patrick Brady).

Deep down we all knew the AFC Championship game was going to involve father time himself, Tom Brady, although, who he would face wasn’t as clear cut.

Patrick Mahomes may not have been the stand out candidate before the season to make it to the AFC Championship game but within the first four weeks he had 15 total touchdowns (14 pass, 1 rush) and many players, fans, experts were starting to take notice of his exceptional talent.

Brady just continues to prove doubters wrong whilst Mahomes is showing us all the gun slinger he was hyped up to be. But to have them facing off against each other is going to be something special, especially given the weather that is forecast for Arrowhead on Sunday.

Playing football in January is nothing new for Brady, he’s been involved in the AFC championship game for eight straight years now, an incredible achievement for a man who many said was past it. Brady’s numbers this year have been solid, currently ranking just outside the top five quarterbacks in rating. His ability not to turn the ball over (11 interceptions) will be hugely important on Sunday night in the Kansas City snow storm.


The way he has utilised his running backs in the passing game this year has been a key factor to the Patriots success and shows the masterful mind of Bill Belichick. With the weather in mind for Sunday, its hard to foresee a lot of throwing but you can guarantee that Brady will find a way to pick out receivers and keep the chains moving. Snow games are nothing new to Brady and the Patriots, thanks to them the infamous ‘tuck rule’ was created. He is chasing an incredible 9th AFC title and a 6th Super Bowl and the way he took apart the Chargers, it would be tough to bet against him. You either love him or hate him but one things for sure, do not doubt him.

What a year so far Patrick Mahomes! With over 50 total touchdowns and only six away from breaking Peyton Manning’s record, the Chiefs have one of the league’s most explosive quarterbacks.

Odds on to be this year’s league MVP, Mahomes could become the youngest MVP winner since Dan Marino in 1984. It’s hard to believe he didn’t throw a touchdown pass in the divisional game against the Colts yet the Chiefs still won at a canter.

For a college quarterback to have only played in one NFL game (Broncos ’17) and to be doing what Mahomes has done (52 touchdowns and led his team to the AFC championship game) is nothing short of incredible. Some of the throws he has made look physically impossible, yet he makes it look natural. He has the mind of a player who has played in the NFL for years, I guess that’s the influence of the wily Andy Reid as his head coach.

Sunday will prove to be Mahomes’ toughest test yet as an NFL QB both mentally and physically, but the kid is just loving life and loving football. Win or lose on Sunday, Mahomes has a bright future ahead of him and the AFC have new contenders to the throne of ease.


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