Akiem Hicks trade rumors 2021 have been all over the internet since before the start of the season. Fast-forward to Week 6 and that hasn’t changed the slightest, even with the Chicago Bears showing signs of life.

The veteran defensive tackle was granted permission to seek a trade before the start of the season. And, even though it seemed like there were no takers at that point, that doesn’t mean that the team’s plans of moving on from him have changed at all. If anything, with injuries and given the way the season is shaping, the market for the 31-year-old could be wide open again.

Hicks’ agent said that his client’s intention was to finish his career at Soldier Field but the team has yet to offer him a contract extension. He’ll be a free agent next summer, so they could be forced to move him for anything rather than just let him walk away.

Akiem Hicks trade rumors 2021

Countless NFL trade deadline news pieces continue to flood the web as we approach November 2. And given Hicks’ contract situation and the team’s stance, most Bears trade rumors are unsurprisingly centered around the former All-Pro.

The only issue with Akiem Hicks isn’t his age nor his play. The fact that he’s due to make $10.4 million this season has been a deal-breaker for some teams inquiring about his services. With that in mind, let’s take a look at those franchises who could still make a run at him.



While not exactly a contender, nor a functional team by any means, we shouldn’t rule out the Jacksonville Jaguars. They desperately crave help at nearly every position and have plenty of cap space to absorb Hicks’ deal and make him an appealing offer in the off-season.

The Jaguars have plenty of assets to try and make a run at the veteran, including multiple disgruntled wide receivers that are struggling under Urban Meyer’s system.

Even so, the Bears would be happy to just dump his salary and get whatever they can in return.


The Kansas City Chiefs signed former Seattle Seahawks DT Jarran Reed but that hasn’t done anything to fix their defensive woes.

They could add an insurance policy on Hicks, who could also play next to Reed, and help them revamp that defensive front.

The Chiefs boast one of the most explosive offenses we’ve ever seen but can’t seem to get a stop or get to the opposing quarterback. The only problem with them is that money is pretty tight, so working Hick’s deal into their books could be tricky. Even so, look out for them as they’ll certainly make the NFL trade deadline news with a couple of moves.


All Bears trade rumors sites reported that the Los Angeles Chargers reached out to them asking for Hicks in the offseason. Trade talks eventually stalled because of Hicks’ high salary, but given the way the Chargers have struggled on defense to start the year, they might want to pick up the phone again.

Justin Herbert already looks like a superstar and the Chargers have a dynamic offense with plenty of weapons. They only need to revamp their defense to be a legit Super Bowl contender for years to come. Hicks would likely have to take a team-friendly deal to resign with them, though.

31-year-old Defensive Tackles aren’t exactly who you’d want to spend over $10 million a year in today’s NFL. We get that. But experienced and disruptive players such as Akiem Hicks don’t grow on trees, and he’s worth taking a risk on, at least until the end of the season.

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