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Alperen Sengun scouting report: Strengths, weaknesses, projected draft position

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Alperen Sengun’s scouting report has become something that more and more teams are creating in their draft files. The reason for that is rather simple; he is a prospect that suits the modern NBA rather well and his potential is massive.

Alperen Sengun Scouting Report

When you look at the Turkish international player Alperen Sengun you can immediately see why he is considered a safe lottery pick.

A 6’10” Center who weighs 240 lbs is something any NBA team can use. While the game has become more and more perimeter-oriented a good big man is always useful. Deandre Ayton is currently showcasing why a good big man is still immensely useful in today’s NBA and the Phoenix Suns would have not reached the NBA finals without him. When you talk about Sengun you talk about a player coming from Europe.

As always that means his fundamentals of the game are extremely good which is something you usually don’t see in big men that are still 18 years of age. Sengun will soon turn 19 but for his age, his skill set is already NBA ready. He has extraordinary footwork which is a trait he shares with Ayton and just like Ayton that will make him really valuable both on offence and defence.


Sengun played in the Turkish Basketball League which is one of the stronger European Leagues.


In 28 minutes per game, he averaged 19 points per game while shooting 63% from the field. He also averaged 8.7 rebounds, 2.7 assists and 1.6 blocks per game.

As you can tell from the stats, Sengun is a tremendous inside scorer. His footwork allows him to dance in the post where he can finish in numerous ways and often through a lot of contact.

He is a good finisher with both hands and if he gets fouled he converts 80% of his free throws. He is an excellent pick and roll player setting hard screens after which he rolls very quickly to the basket and finishes in a multitude of ways. Another excellent part of his game is his passing. He has advanced court vision for his age and can facilitate from the elbow, post or even the three-point line. Sometimes he even brought the ball up the court which showcased his solid handle.


As it stands right now Sengun is a non-shooter and lacks any outside game. His 80% shooting from the charity stripe projects him to be a solid shooter down the line and his noted willingness to work should help him achieve that.


Another notable minus is his defence which is something that is tied to his lack of pure athleticism. His length is not the greatest which holds him back along with his verticality which is disappointing.

He will need to hone his fundamentals and learn to be a positional defender if he hopes to be a plus on that side of the ball. His on-ball defence has potential but once again, it‘s heavily reliant on his athleticism that might improve with proper coaching.

His movement is fluid but his fundamentals need improving. Off the ball, he is a very active defender that possesses hustle and willingness to work in the post which is a bonus. His work ethic is another notable positive which projects him to improve every year.

Bottom line

Alperen Sengun is a throwback big who possesses excellent interior scoring ability and a solid court vision along with good passing.

His defence is a minus at the moment as is his range but both of these project to be positive down the line as his free throw shooting and hustle on defence provide enough belief he will be able to elevate those parts of his game to a new level.

Sengun is the traditional European big man. Some scouts have compared him to other European big men such as Nikola Vucevic or Enes Kanter but another great comparison would be Domantas Sabonis.

Sengun will be a lottery pick with most 2021 NBA mock drafts projecting him in the range of 5 to 8. That’s great value for a player that is capable of contributing from the get-go in the NBA.

His potential with his work ethic projects him to be an All Star down the line which is an enticing projection for a player that has avoided injuries so far in his career and looks to be a good player for many years to come.

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