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Are J.J. Watt and Russell Wilson realistic options for the Cowboys?

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Now that the NFL season is officially done and dusted, attention turns to the offseason and judging by the type of news that has been circulating already, we are in for a wild ride.

First, it was Deshaun Watson’s demand to be released from Houston, then J.J. Watt has followed suit, although he has been released. Then perhaps the most eyebrow-raising one of them all.

Russell Wilson’s very public criticism of the Seattle Seahawks organization. Wilson said that the Seahawks did not consult him on any player additions, the offensive gameplan, and was pretty damning of the whole situation.

The thing that makes this headline news is that this very public outburst is out of character. It comes from a guy who always speaks glowingly of his team as well as the franchise as a whole and always ends his interviews with “Go Hawks”. He is never outspoken, yet something must have gotten under his skin and while it seems highly unlikely, some sources say that he could push for a trade, much like Deshaun Watson.

So that brings us to the Cowboys, who have been listed as the top destinations for both players. But will they even attempt to get Watt or Wilson?


Could Watt move to the Cowboys?

When it comes to Watt, the answer is most likely a no. Given that the Cowboys already have their pass rushers in DeMarcus Lawrence, Randy Gregory, Aldon Smith, and Antwaun Woods, it seems unlikely that the Cowboys would push for another defensive end, even one of Watt’s calibre.

For a player who has registered 101 sacks in 128 games and has had two 20.5 sack seasons as well as a 17.5 sack season, his quality would beef up the defensive side of the ball. Injuries have taken their toll but he would still command attention from opposing coordinators.

Their most pressing need is in the secondary but if Watt decided to take a pay cut, then could Jerry Jones go after him? Without a doubt.

Whether Dallas needs him or not, Jones would be tempted to go after him.

Wilson to Dallas?

Now to Russell Wilson. If, and that is a big if, he is to see his future elsewhere, would Dallas be a good option for him? The answer is a huge yes.


The Cowboys have a reasonably good offensive line when healthy, something that Seattle does not, Dallas has more weapons for Wilson to throw too, and not to mention Ezekiel Elliott and it feels like a very good fit for Wilson.

Given the contract standoff with Dak Prescott, would Jerry Jones prefer to give $40 plus million to Russell Wilson or Dak Prescott?

Ultimately this will depend on how Wilson’s relationship develops with Pete Carroll and the Seahawks organization and it does seem highly unlikely that he will move but after witnessing what Tom Brady did with Tampa Bay, Russell could be tempted.

Brady was involved in bringing in players in Leonard Fournette, Antonio Brown, and Rob Gronkowski, with all three playing a huge role in the Super Bowl win over Kansas City. Perhaps Wilson sees himself doing something similar and when you look at the Cowboys, you put Wilson in that offense and suddenly you have a serious team.

That is no slight on Dak, but the fact is Wilson is just the better quarterback and with him under centre, the Cowboys will be a lock to win at least 10 games every season he plays.

Although it seems like a long shot for Dallas to sign either of them, there is certainly a small chance, and bringing in either Watt or Wilson would give the Cowboys a significant boost heading into the new season.

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