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Basics of daily fantasy sports strategy

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It’s impossible to love sports today and not know a thing or two about the Fantasy Sports universe. Fantasy Sports is a simulated umbrella of different sports, with Daily Fantasy Sports being one of them. The Daily fantasy sport division allows players to create a team of professional athletes keeping to a salary cap. It’s then trusted to earn points according to their real-life performance.

This may seem an easy task, but knowing helpful strategies can’t hurt. Come with us to learn how to develop the perfect strategy and pick up industry-worn tips to improve your DFS ranking. You’ll also find out what the industry’s competitiveness is.

Understanding different tournament contests

DFS tournaments have one major similarity – they are fun. Everything changes once you take out this feature that includes basic rules, ideal strategy, winning guide, and gaming period.

So it’s necessary to consult sites like NJCasimile.com to learn about DFS and its numerous contests. The best playing no-deposit offers and others across NJ sportsbooks are included along with the genuine reviews.

Below there’s a brief explanation of the four most popular DFS contests.


Daily contests

Such contests are available every day and cost relatively little to enter. Therefore, they are an excellent option for beginners to DFS. They naturally come with a fixed salary cap meaning you have to compile a team within a specified budget.

Your objective is to create the best possible team within the budget. Factors to consider include matchups, injuries, and player performance. The contests range from individual head-to-head faceoffs to large tournaments with top prize pools.

Season game

Unlike daily contests, season-long tournaments require more dedication and a longer-term daily fantasy football strategy. They also have larger prize pools and entry fees. Payouts are sent to top performers at the season end.

Season-long contests require you to first draft a team at the beginning of the league. Then, you change lineups weekly depending on injuries, matches, and performances. These competitions are typically more demanding, but the entertainment is worth it.

Free rolls

DFS fantasy photo

The DFS Free rolls are among the best contests in Daily Fantasy Sports. It’s a contest where anyone can participate at no cost and win cash prizes.


They give interested fans the opportunity to learn fantasy sports without having to pay for it. Newbies are mostly found in these contests before they turn into professionals.

Free rolls help people interested in minimizing risks by learning to play in different sports leagues. However, bonuses in such game types differ from offers at other platforms, and this limits its users sometimes.


FanDuel has millions of customers. Therefore, its DFS tournaments contain plenty of participants, making it a considerably larger field to play.

Fortunately, FanDuel’s platform awards you a promo on your first games and a no-deposit bonus to make things easier. The platform is known for its unique incentives that encourage players to always want to participate. It’s noteworthy that these bonuses are available across all fantasy sports.

The best tournament for a no deposit entrance

DFS tournaments are popular for their low-cost expenses. As little as $10 gives you an opportunity to participate in numerous contests. The table below contains these contests and their advantages and disadvantages, so check it out.

Head-to-head Easy to play

Allows direct competition

Limited payout potential

No additional prizes beyond the agreed prize

50/50 Offers a higher winning chance

Lower risk than other contests

Demands a larger number of players

Payouts can as well be small

Multi-entry Multiple opportunities to win

Considerably higher payouts

Can be costly to enter multiple times

Larger fields make winning more difficult

Guaranteed Prize Pool The largest payout potential

A guaranteed prize

May also be harder to win

According to the table above, each low-entry contest has exclusive pros and cons. Play whichever you prefer at any time, just ensure to stick to your budget.

Winning percentages & payoffs

When it’s time to play a DFS tournament, winning percentages are the first consideration. Various aspects are included, and the first is the ranking percentage of participants. It’s advisable to pick opponents who rank below you since that suggests they are weaker opponents.

Payoffs require as much of your attention. They refer to the winning potential of a contest. Questions like “how much can I earn?” are paramount here. Define your expectations from the get-go. That’s how to calculate the smart amount to risk.

Researching players and matchups

As a DFS player, it’s necessary to always know every player in the team you build. Their health status, mental state, and performance are worth your time. That’s the way to identify the players to start and bench. Regular checks on the mentioned parameters will surely help you do well in the contest.

It’s critical to know matchups before selecting the players for the team. A pre-built team might not be strong enough for the one to go against. You’ll then know to replace players or substitute formations. This is the right way for a DFS player to conduct essential checks and balances on the team.

Building a DFS lineup

Fantasy daily team build

A DFS lineup is the side you pick per week for your matches. Always edit your lineup until the match starts. It is important to build one’s DFS lineup properly because it enhances one’s chances of winning.

A daily fantasy football strategy to use to ensure a good player’s lineup should involve the following things.

  • Efficient use of your salary cap while selecting players.
  • Building a solid defense for your team.
  • Knowing the scoring rules.
  • Being up to date with sports news to avoid picking injured or sanctioned players.
  • Always checking match status reports.

Consider balancing a high-cost and low-cost table when building DFS lineups. It doesn’t always depend on having an expensive team. Instead, it’s the efficiency of your team that will win you points and games.

We must add that you have to be careful with players that are expensive. Be thoroughly informed about their past playing history and records to ensure they’ll continue their streak when you sign them.

Managing your bankroll

One of the mandatory strategies in DFS is managing your cash smartly. And luckily, top NJ sportsbooks have measures in place to help you obey this commandment.

They let you define how much you can spend for a particular period. This can be weekly or monthly. So when you specify the amount you’re to stake for a week, the site disables you from making further deposits until the week runs out.

By using this feature, you stick to the spending plan even when you don’t want to. You may be unwilling to do this during the thrill of the game. But consider how helpful saved cash is after playing.

Setting realistic goals for one’s DFS spending

An individual needs to be aware of their financial capabilities and work accordingly. For starters, in DFS, it’s not a bad idea to start with smaller amounts and gradually increase your spending as you grow fond of the game and winnings.

Discipline and self-control

Being disciplined is one of the most important characteristics an individual should possess in real life. This could play a major role in one’s DFS games. You need to be disciplined to enjoy the best possible outcomes in daily fantasy sports.

A player shouldn’t always be eager to deposit everything into any game. A great advice is to research and know enough about games before diving into them. An excellent daily fantasy football strategy must involve a strict budget to adhere. Have self-control, you win reasonably and avoid costly losses.


What types of sports can I play in DFS?

One can play many sports options in DFS, but the most popular sports are NFL, NBA, baseball, and football.

What is bankroll management, and why is it important in DFS?

Bankroll management is the best way an individual handles their money deposited for daily fantasy uses. It is an important part in DFS because this will partially determine one’s winnings.

How do I research players and matchups for DFS?

The best way to be a pro at this is by having a wide variety of information available to you, whether through phone, television, or the people around.

What are some common mistakes that DFS players make, and how can I avoid them?

There are many mistakes, but any DFS fan should always avoid feeling like a genius; one’s prediction can’t always be accurate. So other people’s advice should be taken into consideration.

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