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Evaluating the best candidates to replace Matt Nagy in Chicago

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Bears head coach options 2022 are a hot topic after Matt Nagy lost his job on Monday.

The front office finally answered the fans’ prayers and decided to move on after another subpar campaign. However, getting rid of Nagy is just the first step to turning their franchise around.

Bears head coach options 2022

With Matt Nagy fired, the Bears will be one of the most attractive destinations for up-and-coming head coaches. They have a promising QB in Justin Fields, a couple of up-and-coming playmakers in the offense, and a solid, physical defense.

But, who should be the next Bears head coach? Should they focus on an offensive-minded guy or try to continue building through their defense? Should they go with a veteran or trust a younger, fresher mind? Let’s break it down.

5. Kellen Moore

Kellen Moore is just 33 years old so his lack of experience and youth may raise some doubts. But if we take a look at Kyle Shanahan, Kliff Kingsbury, Sean McVay, and Matt LaFleur; age shouldn’t be much of an issue in today’s National Football League.


Moore took the Dallas Cowboys’ pedestrian offense to a whole new level last season. He’s proven to be an aggressive, yet smart play-caller. Justin Fields needs someone that will trust him and put the rock in his hands, and Moore is that guy.

4. Byron Leftwich

On that same note, the Chicago Bears could join the long list of suitors for Byron Leftwitch’s services. Leftwich is reportedly the leading candidate to take the Jacksonville Jaguars’ head coach opening but he could be tempted to join a much better team.

The Chicago Bears don’t have Leonard Fournette, Rob Gronkowski, Tom Brady, Chris Godwin, or Chris Evans. But they have a couple of solid playmakers in Allen Robinson and Darnell Mooney and a young QB to build an offense around.

3. Brian Daboll

Not so long ago, people were questioning whether Josh Allen was worth the hype. Fast-forward to today and he’s one of the best quarterbacks in the league. And a lot of that has to do with Brian Daboll’s work as the Buffalo Bills’ offensive coordinator.

Daboll has nearly two decades of experience as an assistant coach. He’s paid his dues, earned his stripes, and it’s only fair for him to get a shot at the big chair now. If someone can make the most of Justin Fields’ skill set, it’s definitely him.

2. Vic Fangio

Vic Fangio is the only name on this list who’s not known for his offensive expertise. And that’s exactly why we think he could be the next Bears head coach. That’s just the way this franchise does business, as they’ve done nothing but shoot themselves in the foot over and over.


Fangio’s skill set is tailor-made for the Bears’ tough defensive unit. He put together one of the best defenses in the league during his time with the Denver Broncos. Then again, that may be far from what they need, especially at this point in Justin Fields’ development.

1. Eric Bieniemy

When people talk about racial disparity around the NFL, they often point out the fact that Eric Bieniemy hasn’t been hired as a head coach yet. And, while that’s a conversation for another day, the reality is that he’s waited long enough already.

Bieniemy is the offensive mastermind behind the Kansas City Chiefs’ juggernaut. He’s one of the main ones responsible for their recent success and Patrick Mahomes‘ development. So, what else does he need to do to get a promotion? Just hire the guy already, he’s done more than enough.

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