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Five potential Ben Simmons trade packages before the 2023 trade deadline

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Even though the Brooklyn Nets’ record this season proves they’re thriving right now, Ben Simmons‘ trade ideas 2023 continue to be speculated.

That’s because the former first-overall pick still looks more like an afterthought rather than a star in the making.

Of course, Simmons is quite young, and he’s giving the Nets just what they need right now: Some defense, rebounding, and playmaking. They don’t need him to take 15 shots a night or score 20 points with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving still there.

Nonetheless, the Nets need to be aware of the fact that Irving is set to become a free agent, while Durant requested a trade just a few of months ago. So, what happens if things go south? Or what if they need to plan for the future?

Ben Simmons trade ideas 2023

That’s why today, we’re going to discuss some interesting Ben Simmons trade ideas for 2023. These potential transactions could either suit the Nets for the future, or give them players who are a better fit next to their stars to make a run at an NBA championship.


Simmons goes to Utah

No one thought Lauri Markkanen was going to be one of the best players available ahead of the NBA trade deadline, but here we are. So, the Nets could target the Finnish big man in the midst of a breakout year and pair him with Malik Beasley in return for Simmons.

Markkanen is playing like a legit All-Star, and he and Beasley would give the Nets a couple of healthy floor spacers who can shoot over anybody. That would allow them to try and move either one of Joe Harris or Seth Curry to replenish their draft arsenal.

Moreover, the Jazz would land another young player for their rebuilding project. Simmons would be tied to the organization for years to come, and they could have an explosive backcourt once Collin Sexton comes back from his injury.

Knicks get a potential star

Simmons trade news included the New York Knicks as potential suitors for months, but he winded up joining their city rivals. That doesn’t mean a potential move to Madison Square Garden is off the table by any means, as the Knicks are still a star away from becoming legit contenders.

The Knicks could send the out-of-favor Obi Toppin, a couple of first-round picks, Mitchell Robinson and Quentin Grimes to the Nets in return for Simmons. Why would they do that? Well, for starters, that would give them the best shot at contention.


Simmons and Jalen Brunson can coexist, as Brunson can play off the ball and thrive off Simmons’ playmaking. The Knicks would also get another lockdown defender to pair with Julius Randle to hide his defensive flaws. It’s a big risk, but one worth taking.

Paired with LaMelo?

Simmons trade rumors in 2023 also have the Charlotte Hornets as a potential destination for the former first-overall pick. The Charlotte Hornets have several trade chips like Gordon Hayward, Kelly Oubre Jr., picks, and they could even add Miles Bridges to that mix.

So, the Nets could get multiple veterans to improve their roster right now and make a deep postseason run while also adding more picks. The Hornets, on the other hand, would get a generational duo in the backcourt with LaMelo Ball and Ben Simmons.

Bridges’ future with the Hornets seems bleak at best, and it’s evident that Ball needs an athletic freak next to him to thrive offensively. This would put them in a prime position to contend for a playoff spot for at least the next decade, assuming Ball doesn’t force his way off the team.

Ben 10 in LA

Unsurprisingly, most of Ben Simmons trade ideas in 2023 have him arriving in Los Angeles to join the Los Angeles Lakers. That’s not a shocker, given he’s a Klutch Sports’ client and one of Rich Paul’s favorite guys. And you know Paul always wants his buddies to wear the purple and gold.

The Lakers have absolutely nothing to play for this season, but they could plan ahead to the future if Simmons arrives in Southern California. They could send a future first-round pick, Austin Reaves, and Russell Westbrook to Brooklyn for the former first-overall pick.

The Nets would have Westbrook and Kevin Durant reunited and could even work out a short-term deal to keep Westbrook coming off the bench or making him their full-time starter if Kyrie Irving decides to walk away as a free agent in the offseason.

Spurs find a franchise player

And last but not least, we find the San Antonio Spurs. While Gregg Popovich won’t want to deal with Ben Simmons’ character issues, he seems like the perfect coach to unleash Simmons’ full potential, considering his skill set.

The Spurs could send Josh Richardson, Doug McDermott, and a couple of second-round picks to Brooklyn to land Simmons and pair him with Devin Vassell and Keldon Johnson. They’re targeting Victor Wembanyama in the NBA Draft, and he would round out a team that could become the next dynasty.

Popovich is the ultimate basketball mastermind, a guy who could develop Simmons like no one else in the league. He’s already an elite passer and defender, and he could become the next former first-overall pick to lead the Spurs to a championship once it’s all said and done.

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