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Pros and cons of the Warriors trading for Ben Simmons

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The Golden State Warriors offseason raised mixed reviews. Some were happy about Jonathan Kuminga and Moses Moody, some believe that they should’ve traded their draft picks for an All-Star. But, even if they haven’t landed a win-now kind of player thus far, that doesn’t mean that they won’t do it pretty soon. A Ben Simmons Warriors trade has long been rumored.

With all the Ben Simmons trade rumors looming around and his alleged desire to play in California, you’d have to consider the Warriors as one of the likeliest destinations for him.

According to recent reports, Simmons reached out to the Philadelphia 76ers to tell them that he no longer wishes to play for the team. He may not even report to training camp in an attempt to force a move elsewhere. So, with all the potential Ben Simmons trade talk on the table, he’s once again linked to the Bay.

Ben Simmons Warriors trade ideas

Some say that the Warriors are on the fence about trading for Ben Simmons. On one hand, they like their young players and feel like they’re ready to contribute. Also, the fit next to Draymond Green is questionable, and the way he’s been exposed in the playoffs could scare off the strongest suitor.

On the other hand, some think that if the Warriors were good with Kevon Looney at the five, then they would be a huge threat with Ben Simmons playing in that spot. His rare combination of size, playmaking, and defensive versatility would make him the jack-of-all-trades for Steve Kerr.


But, assuming the Warriors are actually willing to pull the trigger. How could they manage to land Ben Simmons? How to get Daryl Morey to meet them in the middle? Let’s break it down.

Three-Team trade

All potential Ben Simmons trades come with a lot of risks. Maybe, he’ll never fulfill his potential or develop a consistent jump shot. So, the Warriors would be wise to try and bring in another scoring option besides him in this trade.

The Warriors could try and get the Indiana Pacers involved to land Justin Holiday as well. That would send Malcolm Brogdon, Jonathan Kuminga, T.J. Warren, a 2026 and 2028 first-round pick (via Warriors) to Philadelphia, and Andrew Wiggins, Moses Moody, and James Wiseman to Indiana.

Play the waiting game

We’ve seen these kinds of situations before. In reality, Ben Simmons’ trade value drops by the day, and unless he plays it up at the beginning of the season – assuming he’s willing to play at all – that won’t change any time soon.


So, the Warriors could be rather conservative and just play the waiting game until Daryl Morey has no choice but to take a lesser offer.

That way, the Warriors may be able to hold on to their draft capital, plus James Wiseman, and Jonathan Kuminga. Nonetheless, Andrew Wiggins and Moses Moody would still have to be included for salary-matching purposes.

Obviously, there’s always the risk of another team swooping in and winning his sweepstakes.

Go all-in

Although unlikely, the Warriors could decide to go all-in on Ben Simmons and just get him right now. That would be a bit of a surprise considering the fact that they could’ve done that all along. However, with all the potential Ben Simmons trades and the Timberwolves and Kings reportedly keeping tabs on his situation, they could enter panic mode.

So, if the Warriors reach a consensus and decide that Simmons is the missing piece they need to go back to contention, they could just pull the trigger. They have the young players, future draft capital, and salary-matching contracts to make it work straight up.

Simmons is one of the most impactful defensive players in the league. He’s an elite playmaker and having him and Draymond Green running the offense would open up countless shots for the Splash Brothers. There’s always a risk when it comes to trading for a player, but if the Warriors want to win now, they might as well pull the trigger.

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