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Ten must-listen NBA podcasts

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The NBA is a very difficult league to keep up with. There are 30 teams that are playing games almost every day. Along with this, there is on the court and off the court news breaking seemingly all the time. For people with jobs, families, or just who do not have time to stay on top of everything, the best NBA podcasts are a great way to stay in the loop.

Best NBA podcasts

Most of these podcasts average run time spans from thirty minutes to an hour.

They make for easy-to-consume media that keeps you up to date with all of the current events going on in the NBA.

#10: The Lowe Podcast

The first podcast that all NBA fans should subscribe to is The Lowe Podcast. It is hosted by ESPN insider Zach Lowe who covers breaking news and analyzes the league.

He always brings on very insightful guests. Lowe’s takes give fans a new perspective on how to look at teams, players, and deals.


His deep dives and interviews give fans a deeper understanding of the game.

#9: The Book of Basketball Podcast

The second NBA podcast that fans should start listening to is the Book of Basketball Podcast. This is hosted by sports personality Bill Simmons.

In this podcast, Simmons focuses more on the history of the league. This includes doing historic redrafts knowing everything that we do today.

Along with this, his breakdowns of players throughout league history is astounding.


If you are just getting into the NBA or want to learn more about the history of the league, this is the podcast for you.

#8: Locked On Podcast

The next podcast all NBA fans should be listening to is the Locked on Podcast. They have an NBA podcast where they cover the league as a whole.

However, they also have podcasts in which they cover each individual team.

Their podcasts typically only are a half-hour long which makes them easily digestible.

Whether you want a breakdown of the entire league or your specific team, the Locked On Podcast family has it all.

#7: Over and Back

The Over and Back podcast is great to learn or catch up on NBA history. Whether it is breakdowns of specific players, games, drafts, or eras, Over and Back has it all.

It is a great place to begin for new NBA fans.

It gives you the ability to learn about previous eras and key players that have led up to where the game has come to today.

#6: The Woj Podcast

The Woj Podcast is similar to The Zach Lowe Podcast. Both are analysts for ESPN who cover the league from a deeper perspective.

Woj is known in the community as being the person to go to for breaking news.

Whether it be a signing, draft pick, or trade, Woj somehow knows it all, and sometimes he shares what he knows on the podcasts.

He also brings on very intelligent guests who will allow you to think about the game from much deeper levels.

#5: Pull Up With CJ McCollum

Next is the Pull Up With CJ McCollum podcast. This is hosted by Portland Trail Blazers shooting guard CJ McCollum.

If you are a fan of the Trail Blazers, this is the podcast for you.

He oftentimes brings on his teammates as guests. Even if you are not a fan of Portland, this gives you a player’s perspective of everything going on in the league.

#4: Open Floor Podcast

The Open Floor podcast is hosted by Ben Golliver and Michael Pina.

They both cover the NBA professionally and give very sound analyses on the league and everything that is going on in it.

Both are very conversational and have great chemistry.

It feels like you are listening in to two friends have very intelligent conversations about the NBA.

#3: The Big Podcast 

Next is The Big Podcast with Shaquille O’Neal. This is one of the best podcasts out there. They cover the NBA and much more.

There is great chemistry between all four of the hosts and they have great interactions with fans.

On top of their coverage of the NBA, they have game shows that frequent the podcast.

It is a very fun listen and gives more than just basic NBA coverage.

#2: Road Trippin Podcast

Another one of the best NBA podcasts to check out is the Road Trippin Podcast.

This is hosted by analyst Allie Clifton, and former NBA players and teammates Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye.

This is another podcast that is a fun listen and offers more than basic NBA coverage.

On top of this, Road Trippin is another podcast in which you get a player’s perspective on everything that is going on in the league.

Guests on this podcast include LeBron James and Kyrie Irving.

#1: All The Smoke

The final NBA podcast to try out is All The Smoke. This is hosted by Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson.

Both were very controversial players during their times in the league.

However, this podcast gives you a chance to see them in a new light.

Along with this, they give a lot of insight into their upbringings and their time in the league.

This is another podcast in which you see the events of the league from a former player’s perspective.

Lastly, their guests are amazing.

They are able to land some of the biggest names in the NBA and former greats in the league.

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